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Vibrant Speaking Keynote Presentations

Vibrant Keynote Presentations

Vibrant Keynote: Willingness

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Nicole Greer, PPCC Life & Business Coach

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Nicole Greer Women With Know-How


Nicole Greer, PPCC the founder and Principal Coach at Vibrant Coaching gives illuminating, fresh, intuitive talks to audiences one to 1001. Speaking to organizations across the country each year, Nicole believes that the world has need of individuals that will cure, conquer, and complete the work that has been given to them at birth. There is a forte and a set of natural bents innately woven into your being. Nicole longs to speak to you & your team in order to harness your unique set of strengths for the healing of the world. Nicole’s speaking is passionate. She encourages people to show up strong, willing, conscious, and intentional. Nicole’s empowering messages position you to be willing to take the next right step.

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The UnCommon Character Trait: Willingness

WILLINGNESS! The Uncommon Character Trait

Willingness is a principle for learning, leading and living your most VIBRANT life. Willingness requires you to approach everything without reservation, refusal or judgement. Sound dangerous? It’s not dangerous but it is risky. Nicole Greer will share insights illustrated through relatable stories that give you a framework to shift your thinking and the culture of your organization. If you want a new VIBE to take back to your organization, you won’t want to miss this closing session.

Attendees will be:

  • Challenged to Be Messy!
  • Forced to examine their current Mental Models!
  • And Catapulted Back to Fourth Grade Science Class to Re-Learn the Theory of Cause and Effect!

The chief aim of this UP and MOVING AROUND session is to send you back into your world with a fresh perspective on how to turn what is possible into what is probable. Showing up is the next right step in gaining the Uncommon Character Trait of Willingness. Let’s get started!

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