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TILT System 360-Degree Transcendent Leadership


The Art and Practice of the Conscious Leader

Today’s global business environment demands leaders who are transcendent: surpassing others in areas of character, transparency, and accountability. They MUST be excellent, moral, and virtuous, able to lead themselves and others in the workplace, community, and at home strategically, nurturing an environment promoting innovation and collaboration within teams to achieve and sustain high levels of performance in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

How do they become this kind of leader? By becoming a Conscious Leader, focusing on where they have the most control: their own behaviors and choices, which paradoxically, leads to their influence becoming most expansive. By mastering the Four Pillars of Transcendent Leadership: Leadership of Self, Others, Strategy, and Community, a transcendent leader possesses the following characteristics and behaviors which expand their social capital and influence.

  • Flexibility
  • Objectivity versus emotional decision making
  • Congruence between what they say and how they act
  • Withholds judgment, knowing they may have a part in any problem
  • Highly teachable and receptive to learning
  • Discerns wisely instead of pontificating opinions
  • Proactive versus reactive
  • Lives by timeless principles, not the idea of the moment
  • Keeps commitments versus making excuses
  • Pays attention to priorities
  • Defers gratification, remaining steadfast about their goals
  • Takes effective action, versus being a victim
  • Considers options and decides, realizing their decision may not be perfect
  • Grounded in reality and not overly fanciful
  • Authentic as opposed to charismatic
  • Generous and benevolent toward others, but without doing for others what they can do for themselves
  • Wise about what it means to be human, not expecting perfection, able to forgive errors
  • Balanced in their approach to managing their own life and encourage that in others
  • Gives credit to the team when accepting praise for accomplishments
  • Considers themselves a citizen, not a consumer, paying attention to giving back
  • Builds a community of support that sustains them through tough times
  • Has a trusted personal board of directors that gives honest feedback for important milestones
  • Demonstrates action to make a difference in the lives of others

The TILT360 Leadership Predictor instrument measures the four meta-factors required for transcendent leadership: Wisdom, Humanity, Courage, and Resilience.

Humanity Factor: Emotional strengths including the capacity for trust, consideration, and diplomacy. Without balance in this mastery the leader cannot establish positive relationships with other, limiting their ability to gain support for their cause or objective.

Wisdom Factor: Intellectual strengths including capacity for diligence, temperance, and perspective. Without balance in this mastery the leader cannot establish sufficient credibility, limiting their ability to gain buy-in through clearly articulated reasoning.

Courage Factor: Instinctual strengths including capacity for confidence, bravery, and integrity. Without balance in this mastery, the leader cannot establish respect and momentum, limiting their ability to gain favor in honor of their cause.

Resilience Factor: Philosophical strengths including capacity for receptivity, inspiration, and creativity. Without balance in this mastery, the leader cannot establish a compelling basis for change or motivation, limiting their ability to to catalyze new outcomes.

Using this tool and our coaching smarts, our goal is to fulfill your vision of an organization of leaders who share the view that complex problems must be solved at the transcendent level of leadership consciousness versus the traditional and outdated transactional mental model of leadership. We aim to increases a leader’s self awareness by measuring how their capacity for Wisdom, Humanity, Courage, and Resilience translates into influence by using these predictors to assess, mentor, and coach senior leaders, high potentials and emerging leaders within your organization to develop a whole new leadership skill set. A skill set that involves quick, clear thinking and filtering of information to create the conditions for clean decision making.

Vibrant Coaching sessions with key leaders and high potentials delve deep into the 360 TILT Leadership Predictor results to:

  • Debrief the findings to provide focus and meaning identifying strengths first
  • Create self awareness by identifying areas in which the leader is TILTED to regain balance
  • Create action plans around habit, attitudes, and approach to increase productivity
  • Celebrate progress, document change and increase consciousness to take the organization into a fulfilling future
  • Create a common cultural leadership model and language for a diverse workforce
  • Maximize global competitiveness
  • Bridge generational and multi-cultural divides
  • Polish personal interactions internally and externally
  • Cultivate engaged citizenry with a socially responsible climate
  • Reduce stress levels through a systematic leadership approach
  • Develop people for high productivity, innovation and pro-activity
  • Harvest innovation from talent and create sustainable outcomes
  • Compress learning time due to program model integration
  • Focus on engagement, change, and value creation