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The Four Elements of Success™ System


A Communication Process to Excite, Ground, Transform and Release Individuals for Success

The Four Elements of Success will revolutionize your understanding of who you are and help clarify why you do the things you do. It will help you focus on your strengths and recognize the challenges, perhaps unnamed, that have been hindering you for years. With this information you will be able to anticipate, and thus prevent, unnecessary tension and conflict before they start. With the PEP or PATH Element Profile, you will also understand your relationships at a whole new level. You will gain insight in order to move toward rapport, collaboration and change. Understanding and using PEP is a first step; teamwork, collaboration and change will follow.


Click link below for the Vibrant Coaching Four Elements of Success Brochure.

PEP Four Elements of Success Brochure

Meditation for Wind

Meditation for Earth

Meditation for Fire

Meditation for Water