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Shannon Messing, Align3Consulting - "I'm very excited to start the next chapter of my life. It's been a long time coming. Nicole spoke at Bank of America a while back and it was nice to hear her story of how she started your own gig. It was the push to get me moving. ;)"

Shannon Messing, Align3Consulting

Black Orthodontics

Jessica Bryson, Manager of Team Black Orthodontics

Sheri Bistreich

Sheri Bistreich, Certified Financial Planner at Ameriprise, Inc.

Darryl Bellamy

Darryl Bellamy

Alex C.

Alex C., Carolinas Health Care Associate

Janet Gapen Director Community Planning Services City of Salisbury, North Carolina

Janet Gapen, Director Community Planning Services, City of Salisbury, North Carolina

Starla Rogers, Senior Planner City of Salisbury

Starla Rogers, Senior Planner City of Salisbury

Cabarrus Buissness Network

Cabarrus Business Network

Anna Bumgarner

Anna Bumgarner, Carolinas Association of Governmental Purchasing,
017 Conference Chair

Morgan Jessup Local Sales Manager

Morgan Jessup, Local Sales Manager

Kevin Collier Gaston Count Schools Board Chairman

Kevin Collier, Gaston County Schools Board Chairman

President of Childers Oil Company, Missy Matthews Review of Vibrant Coaching

Missy Matthews, President Childers Oil Company

Clerk’s Conference, Shelby

“You have a gift and I just wanted to thank you for sharing it!! I truly enjoyed the Clerk’s Conference in Shelby!! “Thanks” doesn’t seem to be enough but it is heartfelt!!!”
-Retha C. Gaither, NCCCC, Clerk to Board of Commissioners

Clerk to Board, Davidson County

“You did an amazing job at the conference – I thoroughly enjoyed your presentations – they have given me a lot of food for thought!” -Debbie Harris, NCCMC, CMC, NCCP, Clerk to the Board, Davidson County

Statesville Leadership

“Thank you so much! I’m so glad you were a part of this program.” – Anne Holaombe

“Although a leader… I do not like all eyes on me. You challenged me to attack that. To accept compliments to talk about me. Not good at that, Thank you.” – Kelli Simko

“Nicole, I admire your enthusiasm and how much you enjoy your work. Thank you for helping us to become better communicators and leaders.” – Anonymous

“Nicole, You constantly demonstrate a most positive attitude and really helped us organize into a cohesive group.” – Anonymous

“Nicole Greer, Thank you for challenging me. I loved every minute.” – Anonymous

“Nicole, you are an engaging instructor, funny,and kind. I’d consider you a new friend.” – Anonymous

NC County Clerks April 2017

“I really enjoyed it, your energy, and your motivation. It was nice to meet you. Thank you.” – Kimberly Hines

“Amazing!” – Kim Aldridge

“Truth telling, honesty, and candor: I loved you Nicole! You have so much energy and knowledge! I truly hope I get another opportunity to be coached by you. I see myself a little cleaner now, and it’s not so bad.” – Debra Ivey

“These sessions with Nicole have helped me to understand myself better and I believe will help me understand others better as well. Awesome!!”

“I love your truthfulness and energy! You tell it like it is!” – Cheryl Mitchell

“Nicole was very respectful towards the group, answered questions, and engaging.” – Anoymous

“Truly Eye Opening and I Connected!!!” – Ann Jones

“Love your energy!” – Gina Wheeler

“I wish we had time to take the assessment! There was great info.” – Kathy Hughes

“You were a delight! (and I’m an earth!)” – Melissa Long

“Classes with Wind people are awesome!” – Terry Wilson

“Great experience! I now have more tools in my toolbox to manage my life.” – Debbie Harris

“I really enjoyed your coaching session – you have an awesome personality This WILL help me in my workplace:).” Yvonne Gilgard

“The most insightful and powerful conference I’ve ever attended. Phenomenal!” – Carol Bowden

“Awesome presentation filled with information! It was interesting with lots of great energy!” – Kristen King

“I learned so much about myself and about the people in my life and work. This will help me be able to better interact with them.” – Trisha Hogan

The City Of Salisbury, North CarolinaThe City of Salisbury, North Carolina

“Coach was very confident.” -Anonymous

“Loved the session! I felt like it helped my understand myself better.” -Alyssa Nelson

“The session was fun, fast paced and interactive to keep everyone engaged. We definitely learned things about each other that will help strengthen the team.”
-Janet Gapen, Director of Planning City of Salisbury

Charlotte SHRM

“I attended the Leadership Presentation on last Monday through Charlotte SHRM, and your presentation was awesome.”
-Deanna B. Griffin, Director of Human Resources, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

Attendee at the S.H.I.N.E. Keynote at the Shady Grove United Methodist Women’s Event 2017

“Thank you for sharing your light and genius with us yesterday at our women’s conference at Shady Grove. I truly enjoyed your session and left feeling motivated and blessed by you. I am *willing* and excited to explore these concepts to help me truly live out my one word – Shine – this year. Goodness knows I need a mission statement!!  Thanks again and I look forward to encountering you in the future!! ”
-Kara Ward, Le-vel Brand Promoter/Thriver

LCFHR Wilmington, NC

“I attending your conference with the LCFHR in Wilmington, NC on March 15, 2016 and your presentation was great on the Vibrant Leadership- The Art of Transcendent Leadership. Thank you again for such an uplifting and inspirational presentation.  One of the best I have ever attended.”
-Diane Smith, Area Operations Manager

Public Safety Leadership Institute

“It is always my pleasure working with you. The class seemed to really enjoy your class so I will definitely be using you in the fall. I Thanks for your support of the Public Safety Leadership Institute.”
-Major Pat Brown, Central Piedmont Community College

Cabarrus County Sherrif’s Department

“Your training has been beneficial and inspiring to this point. Thank you”
-Officer Lister, Cabarrus County Sherrif’s Department

The Women of Wisdom

“I enjoyed you so much at the Women Business Association luncheon .  I’m with The Women of Wisdom.  I love your way of speaking. Thank you for your encouraging  words and may God bless you to change people’s lives.”
-Mischelle Houser

Inspiration Network

“I enjoyed the presentation, your enthusiasm, knowledge of topic, interest in others, positive feedback, exciting Inspiration Networkinteraction, powerful questions, insights on the future, and stories of personal excellence.”
– Kelly Ann Reed

“Enjoyable, engaging, and left with some pretty cool tools.” – Vanelle LeBlanc

“I loved it! And enjoyed it!” – Diane Southwell

“I’ve attended other leadership workshops and frequently leave and never act on what I learned. This gave me tools to use that I can easily put into practice. Great personality, energy!”
– Debra Sensen

“This was great. It should be a must for all leadership within this organization to take regularly.”
– Whitney Ware-Finley

“Made learning very engaging and enjoyable. Presentation was funny and applicable.”
– Samantha M Brindle

“One of the best workshops I have attended at the company.”
– Anonomous

“Second workshop with Nicole, stellar job! Thanks for making me better!”
– Debbie Phelps

University of North Carolina “The Art of Influence” Class:

“This was one of the best classes that I have attended. The instructor provided lots of valuable information and take home ideas and material for use in our jobs.” -Anon

“Nicole Greer was rated. “Excellent” by attendees. Comments: This was one of the best classes that I have attended. The instructor provided lots of valuable information and take home ideas and material for use in our jobs., This instructor had lots of other interesting topics related to coaching and leading., It would have been great for this to have been a two day course. The instructor had enough valuable material and knowledge that it could have easily taken two days.”

Industrial Fabrics Association International 2016 Conference: Vibrant Sales Workshop:

“Very Engaging!” -Galynn Nordstrom

“Good, Vibrant, and Energetic Presentation!” -Brydon, Shades Sales Canada

“Great Session Very Informative” -Marc Shellshear

“Love Nicole’s Energy!”-Timothy Kellogg, Capital City Awning

“Very powerful and insightful presentation. Ready to use the tips and techniques they are amazingly practical!!!” -Jason Cesdedies, Sun-Bloc, Inc.

“Great Presentation.”-Jeff Drolletto

“Well prepared, detailed, and professional!! Great Job!!” -Chris Rutledge-Paul, Custom Covers and Canvas, Inc.

“I learned a lot!” -Yoshie Misaki,

“Great job, you are fun and make things interesting!” -anonymous

Childers Oil Company
A Note from a Senior Team Member After a Strategic Planning Session

“Just thought I would take a minute to thank you guys for yesterday’s meeting with Nicole. These meetings are truly helpful and they give us all a good sense of direction. I appreciate the fact that you guys care enough to share your visions and include us in the process. I am excited about the future of Childers Oil and I am glad to be a part of it. Thanks.” -Michael

Career Transition Client

“Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I will be the school counselor at Kensington Elementary as soon as the paperwork is processed! Thank you for your help and support, I really appreciate you coaching with me and giving me pointers for my interviews.” -Kaitlyn

Organizational Development Manager’s Meeting at Double Kwik Convenience StoresDouble Kwik

“Nicole is very knowledgeable on what we want as a company, how to get there and how we know when we are there!” -Lee Couch

“Thank you sooo much!” -Chris

“This is my second coaching and I have learned a lot about myself and the people around me.” -Sheila Schwerin

“I am walking away with renewed excitement and lots of ideas for improving processes. Thank you!” -Melinda Combs

“Loved it!! Can’t wait for the next one!!” -Michelle DeLong

“Opened my mind to different things and ways to view people around me.” -Misty Collins

“Fun, enjoyable, very informative & a great way to look inside yourself to better yourself!” -Alexandra Childers

“I need you for my life coach ;)” -Mary Jo Adkins

“I love this!” -Kathy Lucas

Vibrant Time System: Time & Workload Management at University of North Carolina Charlotte UptownUNC Charlotte

“Thanks Nicole! The evaluations were excellent! I will be in touch soon about future instruction with us!” -Samantha Abt-Bumgarner | Program Director, UNC Charlotte | Extended Academic Programs

“Class was very interesting and informative. I’m sure it will be helpful to me.” -Sue Evins, Wells Fargo

“Very interesting, engaging, and applicable.” -David Crouch, Niki’s International Limited

“I enjoyed the element cards and how the coach was able to relate different examples to the different personality types.” -Ed Clayton, Wells Fargo

Attendee of SHINE Retreat

NCSU Department of Forest Biomaterials Research Operations Raleigh, NC“In May 2016, I came to Vibrant Coaching to find resources that would help me prepare for a change in leadership in our department.  Our new department head was at the time the senior vice president of an international Fortune 500 company, so it was certain that our department would no longer be doing “business as usual”.  I wanted to identify strategies that would allow me to maximize this new opportunity for both the people for whom I oversee our research operations and for my own professional growth.” -Barbara White NCSU Department of Forest Biomaterials Research Operations Raleigh, NC  Read full testimonial here.

Carolina Organizers
“Dear Nicole, Thank you so much for coming to speak at our Carolina Organizers meeting. We so appreciate you sharing your wisdom!” -Karin on behalf of the whole group

Double Kwik Convenience Stores Manager’s Collaborative Coaching Session

Double Kwik“Really enjoyed the presentation!” -Shannon Adams

“You are great! Looking forward to using my element and developing my others.” -Christina Parms

“Thanks for teaching us the elements!” -Sally Barton

“Kept everyone’s attention. Interaction and energy with others was great!” -Chris Dodge

“Very fun and energetic. I was able to learn a lot of improvements that I need to focus on to improve my leadership skills and to be a better person in live. Thank you Nicole!” -Chad Robinette

“Great experience!” -Justin Miller

“This gave me a new outlook on organizing my team based on “complimentary’ strengths/weaknesses don’t assume someone doesn’t have something to offer based on a first impression.” -Billy Sizemore

“An absolutely valuable class. Mrs. Greer is very knowledgable and passionate.” -Darren Atkins

“I really enjoyed the entire day. It was interesting and held my attention.” -Sherae Absher

“Was uplifting, laugh a lot. Very much enjoyed it!” -Judy Ambergey

“You were great! Thanks very much!” -Janet Osborne

“Very eye opening! Loved it!” Gwen Begley

“This was an incredible meeting that will be great to grow our crew and make them the best that they can be!” -Mary Michelle Holbrook

“It’s neat to see how the elements can I are a like and different ways to use them!” – Heather Risner

“I found this very useful and had fun!” -Sherry Collins

“Thought it was wonderful and eye opening.” -Reniea Maxie

“I enjoyed the class. It wasn’t boring, very nice lady, very understanding.” -Rebecca Begley

“I enjoyed this. I realize I have some challenges to work on!” -Cynthia Ratliff

“Thank you for the coaching!” -Georgia Wells

“It was a wonderful time!” -Allen Day

“This was fun & educational. This can be used in our everyday life, work and family.” -Catherine Rodriguez

“Very helpful in realizing my issues, still unsure how to keep bending so much for other elements, because I have been trying and still getting the same results form certain people. But I also understand now that they may be toxic and need to go!” -Nikki Childers

“I have learned that sometimes I need to handle people differently” . -Anna Bentley

“Awesome!! It’s all in me;)” -Ivon Noble

“Really enjoyed this meeting learned a lot about myself, how to be real with others, how to work on being a better leader and learning other people. Thanks so much!” -Annie Stump

“I learned a lot about myself, family, friends and co-workers. I hope I can use these in my life.” -Shelia Schwerin

“I loved it. I feel this will help me tremendously with work and home!! Thanks!” -Michelle Long

“Thanks so much! I love how passionate you are. I believe this course will help me be a better manager and person.” -Corey Maggard

“I have attended many seminars. I found this one the best I have ever attended. To not only learn to be better leader, but to learn more about myself was invaluable to me.” -Patty Bentey

“I enjoyed this meeting!” -Kourtney Salensly

“This helped me see myself better.” -Misty Collins

“I loved it! Very grateful, I had the chance to be a part of it. Not only can I tie this into my work life, but my home and family life. Thank you! ” -Angel Gross

“Nicole you are amazing!!! Your information and presentation was magnificent.” -Stephanie Cornett

“I really have loved this and have learned a lot about myself and others. This was very educational for me.” -Jamie Breeding

“Very informational and insightful!” -Lee Couch

“Wonderful!! Would love this coaching on a personal level!” -Mary Jo Adkins

“Love your positive energy!” -Nicole Ramey

“I think the elements are an awesome communicating device to help understand others personality.” -Hilary Meade

i am excited about the future of childers oil and i am glad to be a part of it.

NCAMC, North Carolina Association of Municipal ClerksNCAMC, North Carolina Association of Municipal Clerks

“You are an excellent presenter & I did learn about how to identify the traits in others so I can communicate.”  -Anonymous

“Engaging and pertinent!”  -Nan

“Fun session with lots of great info and tips on dealing with my own personality and others!”  – Anonymous

“I like this different way of looking at people and what they bring to the workplace and life!”  -Anonymous

“Did a great job and very engaging!”  -Anonymous

“Held my attention. Enjoyed! Hope to try a few techniques. Also Nicole seemed real and sincere. It was not just a “show.” -Anonymous

“Excellent presentation!”  – Anonymous

“Excellent and insightful information. Wish I would have known this before, would have saved relationship and kept us from making each other miserable for last year!”  -Valarie Halversen

“Excellent session- much needed info I plan and hope to take back and apply in my daily work position.”  -Kim Hensley

“Interesting!”  -Anonymous

“Really enjoyed Elements perspective on individuals!”  -Debra Brown

“Nicole did an excellent job with this session today, entertaining, funny and engaging! Loved it!”  -Anonymous

“Fantastic training!”  -Joann Wallace

“Held my attention very energetic and interesting! ” -Becky Breiholz

“Nicole did a great job!”  -Jan Starling

“Enjoyed the day very much!”  -Janet Racily

“This class was a great reminder of how our differences affect our ability to communicate and work together.”  -Lisa Stites

“I thoroughly enjoyed this all day session.”  -Elaine Hunt

“Awesome- It was a worthy session.”  -Penelope Spicer-Sidbury

“The coach kept everyone engaged in the course.”  -Jennifer Fortin

“Very energetic and knowledgable!”  -Michelle Gray

“Amazing! Nicole gave great insight to help me see myself and how to see others as well as how to better interact with the elements. Would love to hear Nicole speak again.”  -Sheila Vince

“It’s always enlightening to have insight and understanding into why people act and react the way they do. Nicole shed light on this.”  -Brenda Blanco

“This session will help me personally and professionally, vey well done!”  -Mabel Walden

“Loved it!”  -Sherri Darnell

“Awesome class! I am going to be a better person because of this information.”  -Rhonda Webb

“Thank you Nicole! I really enjoyed your presentation and learned a lot of thing that I cn use at work as well as in my personal life.”  -Tammy Hatley

“Excellent training/coaching sessions. I hope to implement these strategies in my office. I hope to also change the way I perceive other people/employees. Thank you so much for your insights.”  -Sheila Weathers

“Really enjoyed the audience participation and teaching! Made it fun and enjoyable!”  -Sherry Farris

“You did a great job! I can clearly see my areas to work on and ways to interact better with others both work and personal.”  -Whitney Ledford

“I understand how it works and need to practice to improve and be more efficient and productive.”  -Andrea Orbich

“Great session! I have hope now that I can better understand the people I work with and how we address issues.”  -Kelly Baker

“Normally, I don’t usually get excited about these types of sessions, but I LOVED this one. Lots of insights!” -J.W.Salisbury Fire Dept.

City of Salisbury Fire Fighters and Salisbury Rowan Utilities

“Good job!” -Dan Peters

“Excellent. Look forward to additional sessions with our team!” -Barry King

“Nicole has high energy and is down to earth! Enjoyed the training!” -JC Barringer

“Great presentation and interactions. Pscreen-shot-2016-09-25-at-8-10-52-pmEP was on the spot!” -Jay Baker

“It was something new to me!” -Ted Bryant

“This helps me to better understand my peers and my self!” -Rodney Misenheimer

“Great presentation, very helpful.” -Mark Thompson

“Thanks so much for your time Nicole! I’m excited to use this to better both work relationships and my wife’s!” -Chris Haynes

Certified Professional Organizers Charlotte Chapter

NAPO - National Association of Professional Organizers“Like to learn how to apply better in working. Thank you for your time… It was fun!” -Debra Brown

“Really enjoyed learning about the different elements! Thank you.” -Lynda Schrijvers

“You have amazing & contagious energy!” -Suzi Smith

Statesville Leadership 2017: A Program for the Statesville Chamber of Commerce

“Thank you— Excellent 3 hours, very Statesville Chamber of Commerceinformative, fun and exciting!” -Jennifer Griggs

“This was very insightful. I enjoyed the session.” -Alisha Cordle

“Loved her energy and knowledge. She used great examples while interacting with us.” -Anne Holcombe

“This is a great tool to take back and use with my team members.” -Chisten Fries

“Great energy & engagement. Always love working with Nicole! 😉 ”

“Great!” -Julie Wozniak

“Managing people is critical of my everyday routine. This was very informative. I’d like to test my staff!” -Kelli Simko

Cabarrus County Park and Recreation Cabarrus County Arena

“We need more help, this is just the beginning! Please help us! Great job today!!” -Teresa Kiser

“More of the things discussed at this session “clicked” with me!” -Susan Donaldson

“Great! Need more time! Next time a two day session. Let’s split up our departments and work with a facilitator!” -Alex Beck

“Makes us think before we act/react, that we know how to “think” but don’t.” -Londa Strong

“Nicole is amazing – We need this more often. We needed to get back on track.” -Brenda Clem

“You are an amazing coach. I wish we could do this once a quarter. You make me want to be a better person and professional. Thank you!” – Barry Klupish

“Great program in the ability to apply leadership to all demographics in the room.” -Ben Sharpe

“Enjoyed very much!” -Anonymous

“Just hope that this goes into practice and is not forgotten in a week.” -Anonymous

“Enjoyed the experience! I like seeing how my traits work with others.” -Anonymous

“Very informative! Very real! Entertaining & Great Lessons to Apply!” -Perry Gabriel

“You are the Best! I have been on your website all morning reading your words and watching your video. We want to enlist you to speak to our nursing organization again!” -Robin McLaughlin, RN, BSN, MBA, COHN-S Supervisor, Occupational Health Services, Duke Energy

Security Central’s Vibrant Elements Coaching Session

“It was very informational to understand myself better so I can communicate with others in a more powerful way!” -Bethany Winkley, Call Center Supervisor
“This was an amazing experience that will be very beneficial to my team.”
“Thank you so much for the wonderful time we had on Monday. I think you are a beautiful woman full of positivity and knowledge!” -Sabrina Moore, Dealer Relations
“This was an awesome learning experience.” -Lisa Josey, Director of Data Entry
“You’re a great coach! A lot like my high school coach ;)!”
-Lynne Sprinkle, Sales Director

Lake Norman Golden Girls
“Enjoyed the presentation!” -Anonymous
“Insightful and fun!” -Anonymous
“Very well done!” – Sharon Brown
“Great Presentation and challenge.” -Linda Gould
“Enjoyed Nicole Immensely! Energy and awesome storyteller!” -Terri Tyson
“Timely in my own retirement issues.” -Irene Jahn
“Great Presentation!” – Alma Brown
“Many women who are retired could incorporate these tips for living a vibrant life and get a golden glow! Excellent! Thank you.” – Rita Barnes
“Dear Amazing Nicole! Thank you SO MUCH for taking time to enlighten our group of Golden Girls at our monthly luncheon on Monday. There was a great discussion at our table about your dinosaur example. We’ve pledged to talk about what we want so we can help each other get it (while we’re still young:).
Are we Earth, Wind, Fire or Water? We all agreed that we should be more open to the perspectives of others, which just might enable us to stand in a fresh perspective (as you say) ourselves. Women our age often feel like we’ve already had our turn and if we missed getting what we wanted out of life … well, too bad. You jolted us all into looking at ourselves and believing in the possibilities that are right in front of us (and inside us). Nicole, we sincerely appreciate your sharing your gift with us. Enjoy being 50 years young! Your life has just begun!” -Ellen Deese, Central Lake Norman Golden Girls, Hospitality Chair

“Thank you so much for joining the Greater Statesville Chamber of Commerce! What an amazing job you did at the Women’s Conference and I hope that I will be in your positive presence again in the near future! Peace & Blessings.” – Valerie Chambers, IOM, HR Certification Institute, Special Events and Relations Director, Greater Statesville Chamber of Commerce

“Good Morning, Just wanted to reiterate what a great job you did yesterday afternoon. Thank you for modifying the approach from Tuesday. I think this one was one of the best discussions we have had. Have a great weekend!” -Keli Greer, Human Resource Manager for The Town of Mooresville, NC

“Nicole, You have been nothing but helpful to me over the last four years and I appreciate all you bring to the table. Much of my growth as a Leader, as an employee for the town and as a person I attribute to what you bring in the collaborative coaching and to what you have helped me with one on one.

As the Stokesdale Principle states, I am going to deal with the problems with “brutal honesty” and I have no doubt I will meet my challenges adequately and I will prosper and grow as a result of working through them!

I am a firm believer in Proverbs 3:5-6, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him (the Lord) and he will direct your paths”. There are always new things to learn.

Also, had a good chance for a double SBI this morning! Pretty cool “aha moment”.

Once again, thanks for the work you do! I appreciate your efforts to help us be better people and personally, to help me be a better employee, director and person!!” -Barry L. McKinnon, P.E. Public Utilities Director, Town of Mooresville

Salisbury Firefighters Vibrant Leadership collaborative coaching July 5th, 2016

“Nicole,. Thanks for the great class on Tuesday. The guys are still buzzing about it. A very positive experience for all.” – Chief Bob Parnell

“Nicole helped to open conversational doors between line workers and administration.” -Jeremy C.

“I enjoyed the class very much. Nicole did very well and projected your passion and energy. Thanks for the effort.” -Mark T.

“Vibrant uses many ways to see different perspectives. “ -Lauren M.

“Great class!” -Chad M.

“Keep on keeping on! Great energy and great points for consideration and learning.” – Chris K.

“Energetic day!” -Terry S.

“Nicole is always a pleasure!”  -James F.

“Good stuff, good discussions and good energy.” -Jay B.

“Nicole discusses very good coaching points. I have had this class before. This was a very good refresher!” – Matt L.

Cabarrus County Arena & Cabarrus County Active Living / Recreation Departments Professional Development Day May 2016
“Just hope that this goes into practice and not forgotten in a week!”
“Enjoyed very much!”
“Great program in the ability to apply leadership to all demographics in the room.”
-Ben Sharpe

Davie County Chamber Women’s Meeting
“Hi Nicole, I want to thank you for an awesome message given during the Davie County Chamber Women’s meeting. Your message was refreshing and reignited a spark in me concerning myself. I think you’re amazing and I know that you will be a true asset to many individuals you encounter.”
-Tawana, Business Development Executive, Better Business Bureau,
Winston-Salem, NC

S.H.I.N.E.™ Collaborative Coaching Session Attendees May 20, 2016
“Hi Martha, I had a wonderful time at the retreat today. Thank you for your insightfulness. You’re a wonderful life coach and I know that God is going to use you mightily.”
-Sharon Sharpe Coleman‎  for Martha Smith Allen

Mitchell Community College Professional Development Day 2016
Mitchell Community College“Very Good Delivery!” “Great Workshop, would like to have more in the future!, Thank You!!”  “Wonderful stories that are relevant to the discussion!”, “Awesome!”, “Excellent Thank You!!”, “Enjoyed it!”, “This was great! I needed this info for a meeting this afternoon. Thank you very much!”, “It was great!”, “Nicole needs to do our diversity training!”, “I thoroughly enjoyed Nicole Greer’s energizing coaching and will apply her tips to my work and life.”, “Excellent speaker! She gave a lot of insight! Very Meaningful!”, “Great public speaking skills!”, “Very informative.” , “ADORE! Content! Speaker! Visuals!”, “Informative & Entertaining!”, “The presenter did an outstanding job as always.”, “Amazing. I feel grateful for the opportunity to do this with all the faculty, staff, and administration. Thank You! Nicole you rock!”

“Thank you so much. Your presentation was excellent —- as they say “right on the money”!” -Hedy Ryerson, Mitchell Community College

UNCW Human Resource Professional Development Day
“Nicole you are a straight talker with a heart of gold and a mission to make miracles happen. Thank you for shining your light for others to see.” -Molly Nece
“Wind, Fire, Water, and Earth Groups were my favorite!” -Kim
“A lot of information in one day that was presented very well.” -Anonymous
“Opened my mind to new ideas. THANKS!” -Anonymous

UNCW Human Resource DepartmentUniversity of North Carolina Wilmington
“Nicole, Thank you for providing our team the advice and tools we need to be even more successful in the Unknownworkplace. We look forward to future retreats with you and Martha. Many, many, thanks.”
-Rosalyn Martin, Human Resource Director University of NC Wilmington

Statesville Women’s Event Testimonial from Conference Chairstatesvillelogo
“What an amazing day we all had yesterday at the Davis Regional Women’s Leadership Conference in Downtown Statesville at the Statesville Civic Center. Each one of you helped make it a great event for women in our community and set a foundation for this event to continue! I look forward to working with all of you again in the future and thank you again for your participation in the Davis Regional Women’s Leadership Conference 2016: BE BOLD!”
-Ashley Stevenson, Marketing Director and The Connection Magazine Editor and Greater Statesville Chamber of Commerce

Personal Note of Thanks to Nicole Greer
“Hi Nicole, Thank you so much for your great work and for the awesome coaching staff you brought with you and kept our ladies energized!”
-Ashley Stevenson, Marketing Director and The Connection Magazine Editor and Greater Statesville Chamber of Commerce

Statesville Women’s Event
“Good Morning, Ashley and Nicole,
Thank you both for ALL you did to make yesterday such an enlightening day for so many women.
They loved it and the energy was more than positive.
I am very appreciative of what you have done to make it possible, as that is not my
“thing” and know that without people like you I would not have fun doing “my thing.”
The real work is what you did behind the scenes to make a great day happen.
First year…..amazing start!!”
-Edie Raether, MS, CSP – “The Bully Buster” Change Strategist: Speaker, Author, Coach

“Roxann is a natural coach. Over the years she has provided me with insight and has acted as a mirror into my inner self. During our first coaching session she reminded me to respect my nature. Those simple words struck something deep inside that had almost been forgotten. With renewed optimism, courage, and strength, I embrace the future vision that respects my nature. Thanks Roxann for being there, for listening, and saying just the right thing at the right time! Thanks Coach!”
-Santiago Hernandez, MBA, PMP  Managing Consultant at c3 Consulting

Administrative Professionals Conference May 2016
“Hi Nicole! You are fantastic! All the best to you! And I sincerely hope to see you present again. At the Charlotte Area Society for Human Resource Manage’s meeting many people commented about how great you presented.”
-Live well, Kisha Boyd-Clyburn Corporate and Continuing Education Harris Campus of Central Piedmont Community College

2016 Davie Chamber of Commerce at Winmockvillageinn
“Hi Nicole! I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your presentation yesterday at the Davie Chamber of Commerce luncheon held at Winmock. Have a wonderful weekend!”
-Jo Frazier, Sales Manager The Village Inn Hotel and Event Center, Clemmons, NC

Central Piedmont Community College Public Safety Leadership Institute: Diversity Classes
“Nicole knows her content and kept my attention. I wanted to listen and learn. She made me be more open minded.” -Michael W., Police

“Nicole was very knowledgeable. I loved the interaction we had with each other. Our topic was diversity. When you think of diversity, you think of color. Nicole helped us think outside the box. I realize their are things I need to do to be better.” -Shantay F. Sheriff’s Department

“Nicole is very knowledgeable about diversity and was good at doing the “extra” needed to instruct. Her approach was very different for instructing law enforcement.” -Michael F. Police

“Nicole used lots of good examples, exercises, and group conversation. She is very open, honest, and receptive to each individual in class. Lots of her material can be used in my personal life. My favorite part of the two classes was the interaction with the group”. -Al C. Sheriff’s Department

“Nicole gave me a different view on diversity. She is very knowledgeable. The best part of the presentation was the different ways to deal with different people and exploring my core values.” -Kim D. Sheriff’s Department

“Nicole is a wealth of knowledge. She is great at getting everyone involved. She made me think about my strengths, weaknesses, who I am, where I need to be, and pulled me out of my comfort zone. She did a great job.” -Daniel H. Police

“Nicole is very knowledgeable about diversity and coaching. She has a bubbly and energetic positive attitude. She taught me that diversity is not just about differences in race but in people in general. The most valuable part was getting to know myself better.” -Ashley E. Sheriff’s Department

“Nicole has lots of experience to speak on regarding careers and life. She came into a very closed minded group, which is commoncpcc in Law Enforcement. She made us think and forced us to look things from a different angle. The class made me look at situations from another angle and how to approach handling it. The most valuable part was the self-assessment exercise.” -Adam W. Police

“Nicole was very enthusiastic–however, I feel this wasn’t necessarily targeted to the audience. In the first session, attendees were almost hostile towards her but in the second session she recovered. I thought her ability to keep attention and engage was great. I think the concept of the training was beneficial and will help me in my personal life. Most valuable was the learning to listen and asking powerful questions.” -Erin W. Police

“Nicole was unaware of some aspects of Law Enforcement but she quickly listened, learned, and adapted to us. I liked her presentation style of group speaking and talking with the teacher. The topic was great for my personal life.” Jonathan M. Police

“Nicole is very energetic, full of positive energy, knows her material and delivered it well. Her approach is very hands on, lots of class interaction, direct and open. I learned that coaching can be very beneficial to enhancing m y skills as a leader. Coaching opens a person to think and find ways to handle leadership. She taught me the key to diversity is finding common ground. Good class.” -Kathey W. Public Safety

“Nicole was very enthusiastic. She was very knowledgeable of the subject matter that she presented. She was prepared with activities, topic of conversation, and questions that kept the class involved. I like that Nicole encourages interaction between the students and tries to give new, relevant ideas.” -Jared S. Police

“Nicole was well prepared. She teaches a fun and innovative class. I learned how to ask powerful questions. You need to continue to have her as an instructor.” -Ashely V. Sheriff’s Department

“Nicole was very much prepared, extremely enthusiastic, very experienced, and had great knowledge of subject matter. Everyone got during the presentation. I was allowed and directed to look more inside myself as to why I handle situations and how others handle situations in different ways. The most valuable part of this program was the interaction between the instructor and class. I liked the real world situations demonstrated during the presentation.” -Brian H. Sheriff’s Department

“Nicole was very outgoing. Class was very hands on with major class participation. I enjoyed learning about the “given, chosen, and core” in the self-assessment process. The most valuable part of this diversity training was learning about myself”.

2016 North Carolina Future Business Leaders of America
“Thank you so much for giving of your time last week for our Future Business Leaders. I heard good things as I interacted with the students and as I stopped by the workshop. THANK YOU!!!”
-Beverly Pollack, 2016 North Carolina Future Business Leaders of America

Lower Cape Fear Human Resource Association Formal Feedback on Vibrant Leadership Presentation by Nicole Greer, PCCC

“C#1: Yesterday at the Cape Fear SHRM meeting you delivered the presentationLCFHRA Logo
C#2: You were high energy, fun to listen to and had a compelling message. You engaged the audience well and balanced serious concepts with fun and good stories. Your stories showed you knew the audience and their challenges. You had great supporting materials and handouts.
C#3: As a result, I’d love to get to know you better!
If you are up for it, I’d love to find time to have a phone conversation in the next few weeks.”

-Kris Taylor, Author of The Leader’s Guide to Turbulent Times

“Nicole, Thank you so much for another super session at the Lower Cape Fear Society for Human Resources! I would love to do something with you in the future.Thanks again.”
-Cheryl Morlote , SHRM-SCP,SPHR | HR Director Harold W Wells & Son, Inc.

“Nicole,It was great to meet you last week at the Lower Cape Fear HR Association meeting in Wilmington and I enjoyed your presentation on Vibrant Leadership very much. Have a wonderful week!Thank you again.”
-Megann Sacco

“Nicole, I would first like to say thank you for speaking to the LCFHRA yesterday in Wilmington. I enjoyed hearing what you had to say about leadership. Thank you so much, and have a great day!”

-Matthew J. Rank, Human Resources, North Carolina State Ports Authority, Wilmington, NC 28401

“Hi Nicole, On behalf of the LCFHRA, I’d like to thank you for your time with us this past Tuesday! As usual, you were a hit! We loved your energy and your content. I personally have some changes I am going to start implementing from your presentation. Excellent job and thank you again!”

-Ally Thornton, Employment Manager Phoenix Hometown Hires, Wilmington, NC

93% Rated the Speaker “Excellent”, 7% Rated the Speaker “Good”. Comments: “Very well done! Always amazing! Always love Nicole! Outstanding! Outstanding, Thank You. Fantastic Presentation. Bring Nicole back! Great speaker with energy, would like to see more speakers like this. I really enjoyed the topic and content, thank you! Great speaker!”

Client from Saudi Arabia and International Toastmaster Competition Participant

“Hi Nicole, I learned a lot from you, so thanks for your efforts and dedication. I got the second place in our Division contest. Best regards” -Abdallah Aljurf

Attendees of Double Kwik, Inc. retreatDouble Kwik

“Thank you lady!!! I am still energized from the retreat!! You are truly a contagious person!! One of my goals to is to emanate one of your many wonderful traits.” -Elsa McCoy

“Very powerful, self learning event.” -Heather Burton.

“Thank you for sharing your passion with others to make them better.” -Tammy Noble

“Excellent delivery. Moved at a steady pace – no drag time – did not lose the team at any point. Amazing! Sticky indeed!!” -DJ Childers

“Thanks for growing my spirit and growing my total life.” -Mona Collier

“Great retreat and a great start for 2016! Thank you.” – Missy Matthews

“Great job. Learned bunches of great stuff. Thank you for sharing your genius with me.” -Crystal Hyden

“Love your knowledge of the human body and anatomy as backing up the topics. Love the class!” -Nikki Tackett

“You are amazing! Loved it!” -Elsa McCoy

One on one coaching client of Roxann Baeza, MBA, CEG

“From time to time in everyone’s life, there are a few curve balls. Divorced and middle aged, I needed to increase my income. Muddled with low self-esteem and self-doubt, I needed some help. Someone suggested I contact life coach Roxann Baeza. Our sessions together were helpful and full of strategic plans. With Roxann’s help, I was able to open my mind to new possibilities, marketing ideas, and a new game plan. She helped me move forward, step out of the box, and move on. Now I feel better prepared for the curve balls. What a great feeling!” -Leanna S.

Social media coaching client of Lisa Barnett

“Lisa is a wiz at social media marketing. When I approached her about helping me understand the different platforms and how to use them, she also provided tools, resources and strategies for marketing. She was able to coach me in a very organized, concise manner. She has a very collaborative style and is very easy to work with. She makes learning fun and experiential at the same. If you’re looking for someone who knows their stuff, I would highly recommend Lisa.” -Staci Broome,

One on one coaching client of Roxann Baeza, MBA, CEG

“I learned so much about myself with the help of my coach, Roxann. She guided me with career choice decisions by having me examine what aspects of the jobs made me truly happy. I finally figured out that I needed to see something completed to be fulfilled. This was only accomplished through Roxann’s keen observation of my verbal and non-verbal clues when I spoke about the different career paths I was considering. Another key area of growth for me was in figuring out I can say ‘no’ and do not need to give a long-winded explanation. But, the biggest accomplishment was gaining insight into the idea that being ‘selfish’ had a very negative connotation to me. So I now say ‘self-care’ because it’s okay to take care of oneself! I cannot say enough good things about what a positive growth experience working with Roxann, as a life coach, was for me.” -Lisa D.

Novant Presbyterian Hospital Novant Health

“Great experience – thanks.” -David Lytle

“Awesome! Lively conversation. Best way to spend 2 hours on a Tues. AM!” -Amy Patz

“Very enlightening and fun!!” -LaShonda Rawlins

“Wish we had more time. Hope we have you back! You were great!” -Francie Carney

“Wish we had more time.” -Susan Guthrie states, “

“Well put together, good activities, and very enlightening.” -Karen Rott

“Nicole was amazing!” -Reesheda Murphy states, “

Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Dept. Cabarrus County
“I really enjoyed today and feel like this will help me better understand my people that I supervise. I will be better equipped to identify personalities and this will assist me leading my folks.” -Dean Vernon

“Thank you so much, it was an enlightening experience. I learned a lot about myself and my style of supervision. Thanks for providing the tools to assist me in making my life and experiences even better.” -Michael Harris