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Morgan Jessup Local Sales Manager

Morgan Jessup, Local Sales Manager

Kevin Collier Gaston Count Schools Board Chairman

Kevin Collier, Gaston County Schools Board Chairman

President of Childers Oil Company, Missy Matthews Review of Vibrant Coaching

Missy Matthews, President Childers Oil Company

University of North Carolina “The Art of Influence” Class:

“This was one of the best classes that I have attended. The instructor provided lots of valuable information and take home ideas and material for use in our jobs.” -Anon

“Nicole Greer was rated. “Excellent” by attendees. Comments: This was one of the best classes that I have attended. The instructor provided lots of valuable information and take home ideas and material for use in our jobs., This instructor had lots of other interesting topics related to coaching and leading., It would have been great for this to have been a two day course. The instructor had enough valuable material and knowledge that it could have easily taken two days.”

Industrial Fabrics Association International 2016 Conference: Vibrant Sales Workshop:

“Very Engaging!” -Galynn Nordstrom

“Good, Vibrant, and Energetic Presentation!” -Brydon, Shades Sales Canada

“Great Session Very Informative” -Marc Shellshear

“Love Nicole’s Energy!”-Timothy Kellogg, Capital City Awning

“Very powerful and insightful presentation. Ready to use the tips and techniques they are amazingly practical!!!” -Jason Cesdedies, Sun-Bloc, Inc.

“Great Presentation.”-Jeff Drolletto

“Well prepared, detailed, and professional!! Great Job!!” -Chris Rutledge-Paul, Custom Covers and Canvas, Inc.

“I learned a lot!” -Yoshie Misaki,

“Great job, you are fun and make things interesting!” -anonymous

Childers Oil Company
A Note from a Senior Team Member After a Strategic Planning Session

“Just thought I would take a minute to thank you guys for yesterday’s meeting with Nicole. These meetings are truly helpful and they give us all a good sense of direction. I appreciate the fact that you guys care enough to share your visions and include us in the process. I am excited about the future of Childers Oil and I am glad to be a part of it. Thanks.” -Michael

Career Transition Client

“Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I will be the school counselor at Kensington Elementary as soon as the paperwork is processed! Thank you for your help and support, I really appreciate you coaching with me and giving me pointers for my interviews.” -Kaitlyn

Organizational Development Manager’s Meeting at Double Kwik Convenience StoresDouble Kwik

“Nicole is very knowledgeable on what we want as a company, how to get there and how we know when we are there!” -Lee Couch

“Thank you sooo much!” -Chris

“This is my second coaching and I have learned a lot about myself and the people around me.” -Sheila Schwerin

“I am walking away with renewed excitement and lots of ideas for improving processes. Thank you!” -Melinda Combs

“Loved it!! Can’t wait for the next one!!” -Michelle DeLong

“Opened my mind to different things and ways to view people around me.” -Misty Collins

“Fun, enjoyable, very informative & a great way to look inside yourself to better yourself!” -Alexandra Childers

“I need you for my life coach ;)” -Mary Jo Adkins

“I love this!” -Kathy Lucas

Vibrant Time System: Time & Workload Management at University of North Carolina Charlotte UptownUNC Charlotte

“Thanks Nicole! The evaluations were excellent! I will be in touch soon about future instruction with us!” -Samantha Abt-Bumgarner | Program Director, UNC Charlotte | Extended Academic Programs

“Class was very interesting and informative. I’m sure it will be helpful to me.” -Sue Evins, Wells Fargo

“Very interesting, engaging, and applicable.” -David Crouch, Niki’s International Limited

“I enjoyed the element cards and how the coach was able to relate different examples to the different personality types.” -Ed Clayton, Wells Fargo

Attendee of SHINE Retreat

NCSU Department of Forest Biomaterials Research Operations Raleigh, NC“In May 2016, I came to Vibrant Coaching to find resources that would help me prepare for a change in leadership in our department.  Our new department head was at the time the senior vice president of an international Fortune 500 company, so it was certain that our department would no longer be doing “business as usual”.  I wanted to identify strategies that would allow me to maximize this new opportunity for both the people for whom I oversee our research operations and for my own professional growth.” -Barbara White NCSU Department of Forest Biomaterials Research Operations Raleigh, NC  Read full testimonial here.

Carolina Organizers
“Dear Nicole, Thank you so much for coming to speak at our Carolina Organizers meeting. We so appreciate you sharing your wisdom!” -Karin on behalf of the whole group

Double Kwik Convenience Stores Manager’s Collaborative Coaching Session

Double Kwik“Really enjoyed the presentation!” -Shannon Adams

“You are great! Looking forward to using my element and developing my others.” -Christina Parms

“Thanks for teaching us the elements!” -Sally Barton

“Kept everyone’s attention. Interaction and energy with others was great!” -Chris Dodge

“Very fun and energetic. I was able to learn a lot of improvements that I need to focus on to improve my leadership skills and to be a better person in live. Thank you Nicole!” -Chad Robinette

“Great experience!” -Justin Miller

“This gave me a new outlook on organizing my team based on “complimentary’ strengths/weaknesses don’t assume someone doesn’t have something to offer based on a first impression.” -Billy Sizemore

“An absolutely valuable class. Mrs. Greer is very knowledgable and passionate.” -Darren Atkins

“I really enjoyed the entire day. It was interesting and held my attention.” -Sherae Absher

“Was uplifting, laugh a lot. Very much enjoyed it!” -Judy Ambergey

“You were great! Thanks very much!” -Janet Osborne

“Very eye opening! Loved it!” Gwen Begley

“This was an incredible meeting that will be great to grow our crew and make them the best that they can be!” -Mary Michelle Holbrook

“It’s neat to see how the elements can I are a like and different ways to use them!” – Heather Risner

“I found this very useful and had fun!” -Sherry Collins

“Thought it was wonderful and eye opening.” -Reniea Maxie

“I enjoyed the class. It wasn’t boring, very nice lady, very understanding.” -Rebecca Begley

“I enjoyed this. I realize I have some challenges to work on!” -Cynthia Ratliff

“Thank you for the coaching!” -Georgia Wells

“It was a wonderful time!” -Allen Day

“This was fun & educational. This can be used in our everyday life, work and family.” -Catherine Rodriguez

“Very helpful in realizing my issues, still unsure how to keep bending so much for other elements, because I have been trying and still getting the same results form certain people. But I also understand now that they may be toxic and need to go!” -Nikki Childers

“I have learned that sometimes I need to handle people differently” . -Anna Bentley

“Awesome!! It’s all in me;)” -Ivon Noble

“Really enjoyed this meeting learned a lot about myself, how to be real with others, how to work on being a better leader and learning other people. Thanks so much!” -Annie Stump

“I learned a lot about myself, family, friends and co-workers. I hope I can use these in my life.” -Shelia Schwerin

“I loved it. I feel this will help me tremendously with work and home!! Thanks!” -Michelle Long

“Thanks so much! I love how passionate you are. I believe this course will help me be a better manager and person.” -Corey Maggard

“I have attended many seminars. I found this one the best I have ever attended. To not only learn to be better leader, but to learn more about myself was invaluable to me.” -Patty Bentey

“I enjoyed this meeting!” -Kourtney Salensly

“This helped me see myself better.” -Misty Collins

“I loved it! Very grateful, I had the chance to be a part of it. Not only can I tie this into my work life, but my home and family life. Thank you! ” -Angel Gross

“Nicole you are amazing!!! Your information and presentation was magnificent.” -Stephanie Cornett

“I really have loved this and have learned a lot about myself and others. This was very educational for me.” -Jamie Breeding

“Very informational and insightful!” -Lee Couch

“Wonderful!! Would love this coaching on a personal level!” -Mary Jo Adkins

“Love your positive energy!” -Nicole Ramey

“I think the elements are an awesome communicating device to help understand others personality.” -Hilary Meade

i am excited about the future of childers oil and i am glad to be a part of it.

NCAMC, North Carolina Association of Municipal ClerksNCAMC, North Carolina Association of Municipal Clerks

“You are an excellent presenter & I did learn about how to identify the traits in others so I can communicate.”  -Anonymous

“Engaging and pertinent!”  -Nan

“Fun session with lots of great info and tips on dealing with my own personality and others!”  – Anonymous

“I like this different way of looking at people and what they bring to the workplace and life!”  -Anonymous

“Did a great job and very engaging!”  -Anonymous

“Held my attention. Enjoyed! Hope to try a few techniques. Also Nicole seemed real and sincere. It was not just a “show.” -Anonymous

“Excellent presentation!”  – Anonymous

“Excellent and insightful information. Wish I would have known this before, would have saved relationship and kept us from making each other miserable for last year!”  -Valarie Halversen

“Excellent session- much needed info I plan and hope to take back and apply in my daily work position.”  -Kim Hensley

“Interesting!”  -Anonymous

“Really enjoyed Elements perspective on individuals!”  -Debra Brown

“Nicole did an excellent job with this session today, entertaining, funny and engaging! Loved it!”  -Anonymous

“Fantastic training!”  -Joann Wallace

“Held my attention very energetic and interesting! ” -Becky Breiholz

“Nicole did a great job!”  -Jan Starling

“Enjoyed the day very much!”  -Janet Racily

“This class was a great reminder of how our differences affect our ability to communicate and work together.”  -Lisa Stites

“I thoroughly enjoyed this all day session.”  -Elaine Hunt

“Awesome- It was a worthy session.”  -Penelope Spicer-Sidbury

“The coach kept everyone engaged in the course.”  -Jennifer Fortin

“Very energetic and knowledgable!”  -Michelle Gray

“Amazing! Nicole gave great insight to help me see myself and how to see others as well as how to better interact with the elements. Would love to hear Nicole speak again.”  -Sheila Vince

“It’s always enlightening to have insight and understanding into why people act and react the way they do. Nicole shed light on this.”  -Brenda Blanco

“This session will help me personally and professionally, vey well done!”  -Mabel Walden

“Loved it!”  -Sherri Darnell

“Awesome class! I am going to be a better person because of this information.”  -Rhonda Webb

“Thank you Nicole! I really enjoyed your presentation and learned a lot of thing that I cn use at work as well as in my personal life.”  -Tammy Hatley

“Excellent training/coaching sessions. I hope to implement these strategies in my office. I hope to also change the way I perceive other people/employees. Thank you so much for your insights.”  -Sheila Weathers

“Really enjoyed the audience participation and teaching! Made it fun and enjoyable!”  -Sherry Farris

“You did a great job! I can clearly see my areas to work on and ways to interact better with others both work and personal.”  -Whitney Ledford

“I understand how it works and need to practice to improve and be more efficient and productive.”  -Andrea Orbich

“Great session! I have hope now that I can better understand the people I work with and how we address issues.”  -Kelly Baker

“Normally, I don’t usually get excited about these types of sessions, but I LOVED this one. Lots of insights!” -J.W.Salisbury Fire Dept.

City of Salisbury Fire Fighters and Salisbury Rowan Utilities

“Good job!” -Dan Peters

“Excellent. Look forward to additional sessions with our team!” -Barry King

“Nicole has high energy and is down to earth! Enjoyed the training!” -JC Barringer

“Great presentation and interactions. Pscreen-shot-2016-09-25-at-8-10-52-pmEP was on the spot!” -Jay Baker

“It was something new to me!” -Ted Bryant

“This helps me to better understand my peers and my self!” -Rodney Misenheimer

“Great presentation, very helpful.” -Mark Thompson

“Thanks so much for your time Nicole! I’m excited to use this to better both work relationships and my wife’s!” -Chris Haynes

Certified Professional Organizers Charlotte Chapter

NAPO - National Association of Professional Organizers“Like to learn how to apply better in working. Thank you for your time… It was fun!” -Debra Brown

“Really enjoyed learning about the different elements! Thank you.” -Lynda Schrijvers

“You have amazing & contagious energy!” -Suzi Smith

Statesville Leadership 2017: A Program for the Statesville Chamber of Commerce

“Thank you— Excellent 3 hours, very Statesville Chamber of Commerceinformative, fun and exciting!” -Jennifer Griggs

“This was very insightful. I enjoyed the session.” -Alisha Cordle

“Loved her energy and knowledge. She used great examples while interacting with us.” -Anne Holcombe

“This is a great tool to take back and use with my team members.” -Chisten Fries

“Great energy & engagement. Always love working with Nicole! 😉 ”

“Great!” -Julie Wozniak

“Managing people is critical of my everyday routine. This was very informative. I’d like to test my staff!” -Kelli Simko

Cabarrus County Park and Recreation Cabarrus County Arena

“We need more help, this is just the beginning! Please help us! Great job today!!” -Teresa Kiser

“More of the things discussed at this session “clicked” with me!” -Susan Donaldson

“Great! Need more time! Next time a two day session. Let’s split up our departments and work with a facilitator!” -Alex Beck

“Makes us think before we act/react, that we know how to “think” but don’t.” -Londa Strong

“Nicole is amazing – We need this more often. We needed to get back on track.” -Brenda Clem

“You are an amazing coach. I wish we could do this once a quarter. You make me want to be a better person and professional. Thank you!” – Barry Klupish

“Great program in the ability to apply leadership to all demographics in the room.” -Ben Sharpe

“Enjoyed very much!” -Anonymous

“Just hope that this goes into practice and is not forgotten in a week.” -Anonymous

“Enjoyed the experience! I like seeing how my traits work with others.” -Anonymous

“Very informative! Very real! Entertaining & Great Lessons to Apply!” -Perry Gabriel

“You are the Best! I have been on your website all morning reading your words and watching your video. We want to enlist you to speak to our nursing organization again!” -Robin McLaughlin, RN, BSN, MBA, COHN-S Supervisor, Occupational Health Services, Duke Energy

Security Central’s Vibrant Elements Coaching Session

“It was very informational to understand myself better so I can communicate with others in a more powerful way!” -Bethany Winkley, Call Center Supervisor
“This was an amazing experience that will be very beneficial to my team.”
“Thank you so much for the wonderful time we had on Monday. I think you are a beautiful woman full of positivity and knowledge!” -Sabrina Moore, Dealer Relations
“This was an awesome learning experience.” -Lisa Josey, Director of Data Entry
“You’re a great coach! A lot like my high school coach ;)!”
-Lynne Sprinkle, Sales Director

Lake Norman Golden Girls
“Enjoyed the presentation!” -Anonymous
“Insightful and fun!” -Anonymous
“Very well done!” – Sharon Brown
“Great Presentation and challenge.” -Linda Gould
“Enjoyed Nicole Immensely! Energy and awesome storyteller!” -Terri Tyson
“Timely in my own retirement issues.” -Irene Jahn
“Great Presentation!” – Alma Brown
“Many women who are retired could incorporate these tips for living a vibrant life and get a golden glow! Excellent! Thank you.” – Rita Barnes
“Dear Amazing Nicole! Thank you SO MUCH for taking time to enlighten our group of Golden Girls at our monthly luncheon on Monday. There was a great discussion at our table about your dinosaur example. We’ve pledged to talk about what we want so we can help each other get it (while we’re still young:).
Are we Earth, Wind, Fire or Water? We all agreed that we should be more open to the perspectives of others, which just might enable us to stand in a fresh perspective (as you say) ourselves. Women our age often feel like we’ve already had our turn and if we missed getting what we wanted out of life … well, too bad. You jolted us all into looking at ourselves and believing in the possibilities that are right in front of us (and inside us). Nicole, we sincerely appreciate your sharing your gift with us. Enjoy being 50 years young! Your life has just begun!” -Ellen Deese, Central Lake Norman Golden Girls, Hospitality Chair

“Thank you so much for joining the Greater Statesville Chamber of Commerce! What an amazing job you did at the Women’s Conference and I hope that I will be in your positive presence again in the near future! Peace & Blessings.” – Valerie Chambers, IOM, HR Certification Institute, Special Events and Relations Director, Greater Statesville Chamber of Commerce

“Good Morning, Just wanted to reiterate what a great job you did yesterday afternoon. Thank you for modifying the approach from Tuesday. I think this one was one of the best discussions we have had. Have a great weekend!” -Keli Greer, Human Resource Manager for The Town of Mooresville, NC

“Nicole, You have been nothing but helpful to me over the last four years and I appreciate all you bring to the table. Much of my growth as a Leader, as an employee for the town and as a person I attribute to what you bring in the collaborative coaching and to what you have helped me with one on one.

As the Stokesdale Principle states, I am going to deal with the problems with “brutal honesty” and I have no doubt I will meet my challenges adequately and I will prosper and grow as a result of working through them!

I am a firm believer in Proverbs 3:5-6, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him (the Lord) and he will direct your paths”. There are always new things to learn.

Also, had a good chance for a double SBI this morning! Pretty cool “aha moment”.

Once again, thanks for the work you do! I appreciate your efforts to help us be better people and personally, to help me be a better employee, director and person!!” -Barry L. McKinnon, P.E. Public Utilities Director, Town of Mooresville

Salisbury Firefighters Vibrant Leadership collaborative coaching July 5th, 2016

“Nicole,. Thanks for the great class on Tuesday. The guys are still buzzing about it. A very positive experience for all.” – Chief Bob Parnell

“Nicole helped to open conversational doors between line workers and administration.” -Jeremy C.

“I enjoyed the class very much. Nicole did very well and projected your passion and energy. Thanks for the effort.” -Mark T.

“Vibrant uses many ways to see different perspectives. “ -Lauren M.

“Great class!” -Chad M.

“Keep on keeping on! Great energy and great points for consideration and learning.” – Chris K.

“Energetic day!” -Terry S.

“Nicole is always a pleasure!”  -James F.

“Good stuff, good discussions and good energy.” -Jay B.

“Nicole discusses very good coaching points. I have had this class before. This was a very good refresher!” – Matt L.

Cabarrus County Arena & Cabarrus County Active Living / Recreation Departments Professional Development Day May 2016
“Just hope that this goes into practice and not forgotten in a week!”
“Enjoyed very much!”
“Great program in the ability to apply leadership to all demographics in the room.”
-Ben Sharpe

Davie County Chamber Women’s Meeting
“Hi Nicole, I want to thank you for an awesome message given during the Davie County Chamber Women’s meeting. Your message was refreshing and reignited a spark in me concerning myself. I think you’re amazing and I know that you will be a true asset to many individuals you encounter.”
-Tawana, Business Development Executive, Better Business Bureau,
Winston-Salem, NC

S.H.I.N.E.™ Collaborative Coaching Session Attendees May 20, 2016
“Hi Martha, I had a wonderful time at the retreat today. Thank you for your insightfulness. You’re a wonderful life coach and I know that God is going to use you mightily.”
-Sharon Sharpe Coleman‎  for Martha Smith Allen

Mitchell Community College Professional Development Day 2016
Mitchell Community College“Very Good Delivery!” “Great Workshop, would like to have more in the future!, Thank You!!”  “Wonderful stories that are relevant to the discussion!”, “Awesome!”, “Excellent Thank You!!”, “Enjoyed it!”, “This was great! I needed this info for a meeting this afternoon. Thank you very much!”, “It was great!”, “Nicole needs to do our diversity training!”, “I thoroughly enjoyed Nicole Greer’s energizing coaching and will apply her tips to my work and life.”, “Excellent speaker! She gave a lot of insight! Very Meaningful!”, “Great public speaking skills!”, “Very informative.” , “ADORE! Content! Speaker! Visuals!”, “Informative & Entertaining!”, “The presenter did an outstanding job as always.”, “Amazing. I feel grateful for the opportunity to do this with all the faculty, staff, and administration. Thank You! Nicole you rock!”

“Thank you so much. Your presentation was excellent —- as they say “right on the money”!” -Hedy Ryerson, Mitchell Community College

UNCW Human Resource Professional Development Day
“Nicole you are a straight talker with a heart of gold and a mission to make miracles happen. Thank you for shining your light for others to see.” -Molly Nece
“Wind, Fire, Water, and Earth Groups were my favorite!” -Kim
“A lot of information in one day that was presented very well.” -Anonymous
“Opened my mind to new ideas. THANKS!” -Anonymous

UNCW Human Resource DepartmentUniversity of North Carolina Wilmington
“Nicole, Thank you for providing our team the advice and tools we need to be even more successful in the Unknownworkplace. We look forward to future retreats with you and Martha. Many, many, thanks.”
-Rosalyn Martin, Human Resource Director University of NC Wilmington

Statesville Women’s Event Testimonial from Conference Chairstatesvillelogo
“What an amazing day we all had yesterday at the Davis Regional Women’s Leadership Conference in Downtown Statesville at the Statesville Civic Center. Each one of you helped make it a great event for women in our community and set a foundation for this event to continue! I look forward to working with all of you again in the future and thank you again for your participation in the Davis Regional Women’s Leadership Conference 2016: BE BOLD!”
-Ashley Stevenson, Marketing Director and The Connection Magazine Editor and Greater Statesville Chamber of Commerce

Personal Note of Thanks to Nicole Greer
“Hi Nicole, Thank you so much for your great work and for the awesome coaching staff you brought with you and kept our ladies energized!”
-Ashley Stevenson, Marketing Director and The Connection Magazine Editor and Greater Statesville Chamber of Commerce

Statesville Women’s Event
“Good Morning, Ashley and Nicole,
Thank you both for ALL you did to make yesterday such an enlightening day for so many women.
They loved it and the energy was more than positive.
I am very appreciative of what you have done to make it possible, as that is not my
“thing” and know that without people like you I would not have fun doing “my thing.”
The real work is what you did behind the scenes to make a great day happen.
First year…..amazing start!!”
-Edie Raether, MS, CSP – “The Bully Buster” Change Strategist: Speaker, Author, Coach

“Roxann is a natural coach. Over the years she has provided me with insight and has acted as a mirror into my inner self. During our first coaching session she reminded me to respect my nature. Those simple words struck something deep inside that had almost been forgotten. With renewed optimism, courage, and strength, I embrace the future vision that respects my nature. Thanks Roxann for being there, for listening, and saying just the right thing at the right time! Thanks Coach!”
-Santiago Hernandez, MBA, PMP  Managing Consultant at c3 Consulting

Administrative Professionals Conference May 2016
“Hi Nicole! You are fantastic! All the best to you! And I sincerely hope to see you present again. At the Charlotte Area Society for Human Resource Manage’s meeting many people commented about how great you presented.”
-Live well, Kisha Boyd-Clyburn Corporate and Continuing Education Harris Campus of Central Piedmont Community College

2016 Davie Chamber of Commerce at Winmockvillageinn
“Hi Nicole! I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your presentation yesterday at the Davie Chamber of Commerce luncheon held at Winmock. Have a wonderful weekend!”
-Jo Frazier, Sales Manager The Village Inn Hotel and Event Center, Clemmons, NC

Central Piedmont Community College Public Safety Leadership Institute: Diversity Classes
“Nicole knows her content and kept my attention. I wanted to listen and learn. She made me be more open minded.” -Michael W., Police

“Nicole was very knowledgeable. I loved the interaction we had with each other. Our topic was diversity. When you think of diversity, you think of color. Nicole helped us think outside the box. I realize their are things I need to do to be better.” -Shantay F. Sheriff’s Department

“Nicole is very knowledgeable about diversity and was good at doing the “extra” needed to instruct. Her approach was very different for instructing law enforcement.” -Michael F. Police

“Nicole used lots of good examples, exercises, and group conversation. She is very open, honest, and receptive to each individual in class. Lots of her material can be used in my personal life. My favorite part of the two classes was the interaction with the group”. -Al C. Sheriff’s Department

“Nicole gave me a different view on diversity. She is very knowledgeable. The best part of the presentation was the different ways to deal with different people and exploring my core values.” -Kim D. Sheriff’s Department

“Nicole is a wealth of knowledge. She is great at getting everyone involved. She made me think about my strengths, weaknesses, who I am, where I need to be, and pulled me out of my comfort zone. She did a great job.” -Daniel H. Police

“Nicole is very knowledgeable about diversity and coaching. She has a bubbly and energetic positive attitude. She taught me that diversity is not just about differences in race but in people in general. The most valuable part was getting to know myself better.” -Ashley E. Sheriff’s Department

“Nicole has lots of experience to speak on regarding careers and life. She came into a very closed minded group, which is commoncpcc in Law Enforcement. She made us think and forced us to look things from a different angle. The class made me look at situations from another angle and how to approach handling it. The most valuable part was the self-assessment exercise.” -Adam W. Police

“Nicole was very enthusiastic–however, I feel this wasn’t necessarily targeted to the audience. In the first session, attendees were almost hostile towards her but in the second session she recovered. I thought her ability to keep attention and engage was great. I think the concept of the training was beneficial and will help me in my personal life. Most valuable was the learning to listen and asking powerful questions.” -Erin W. Police

“Nicole was unaware of some aspects of Law Enforcement but she quickly listened, learned, and adapted to us. I liked her presentation style of group speaking and talking with the teacher. The topic was great for my personal life.” Jonathan M. Police

“Nicole is very energetic, full of positive energy, knows her material and delivered it well. Her approach is very hands on, lots of class interaction, direct and open. I learned that coaching can be very beneficial to enhancing m y skills as a leader. Coaching opens a person to think and find ways to handle leadership. She taught me the key to diversity is finding common ground. Good class.” -Kathey W. Public Safety

“Nicole was very enthusiastic. She was very knowledgeable of the subject matter that she presented. She was prepared with activities, topic of conversation, and questions that kept the class involved. I like that Nicole encourages interaction between the students and tries to give new, relevant ideas.” -Jared S. Police

“Nicole was well prepared. She teaches a fun and innovative class. I learned how to ask powerful questions. You need to continue to have her as an instructor.” -Ashely V. Sheriff’s Department

“Nicole was very much prepared, extremely enthusiastic, very experienced, and had great knowledge of subject matter. Everyone got during the presentation. I was allowed and directed to look more inside myself as to why I handle situations and how others handle situations in different ways. The most valuable part of this program was the interaction between the instructor and class. I liked the real world situations demonstrated during the presentation.” -Brian H. Sheriff’s Department

“Nicole was very outgoing. Class was very hands on with major class participation. I enjoyed learning about the “given, chosen, and core” in the self-assessment process. The most valuable part of this diversity training was learning about myself”.

2016 North Carolina Future Business Leaders of America
“Thank you so much for giving of your time last week for our Future Business Leaders. I heard good things as I interacted with the students and as I stopped by the workshop. THANK YOU!!!”
-Beverly Pollack, 2016 North Carolina Future Business Leaders of America

Lower Cape Fear Human Resource Association Formal Feedback on Vibrant Leadership Presentation by Nicole Greer, PCCC

“C#1: Yesterday at the Cape Fear SHRM meeting you delivered the presentationLCFHRA Logo
C#2: You were high energy, fun to listen to and had a compelling message. You engaged the audience well and balanced serious concepts with fun and good stories. Your stories showed you knew the audience and their challenges. You had great supporting materials and handouts.
C#3: As a result, I’d love to get to know you better!
If you are up for it, I’d love to find time to have a phone conversation in the next few weeks.”

-Kris Taylor, Author of The Leader’s Guide to Turbulent Times

“Nicole, Thank you so much for another super session at the Lower Cape Fear Society for Human Resources! I would love to do something with you in the future.Thanks again.”
-Cheryl Morlote , SHRM-SCP,SPHR | HR Director Harold W Wells & Son, Inc.

“Nicole,It was great to meet you last week at the Lower Cape Fear HR Association meeting in Wilmington and I enjoyed your presentation on Vibrant Leadership very much. Have a wonderful week!Thank you again.”
-Megann Sacco

“Nicole, I would first like to say thank you for speaking to the LCFHRA yesterday in Wilmington. I enjoyed hearing what you had to say about leadership. Thank you so much, and have a great day!”

-Matthew J. Rank, Human Resources, North Carolina State Ports Authority, Wilmington, NC 28401

“Hi Nicole, On behalf of the LCFHRA, I’d like to thank you for your time with us this past Tuesday! As usual, you were a hit! We loved your energy and your content. I personally have some changes I am going to start implementing from your presentation. Excellent job and thank you again!”

-Ally Thornton, Employment Manager Phoenix Hometown Hires, Wilmington, NC

93% Rated the Speaker “Excellent”, 7% Rated the Speaker “Good”. Comments: “Very well done! Always amazing! Always love Nicole! Outstanding! Outstanding, Thank You. Fantastic Presentation. Bring Nicole back! Great speaker with energy, would like to see more speakers like this. I really enjoyed the topic and content, thank you! Great speaker!”

Client from Saudi Arabia and International Toastmaster Competition Participant

“Hi Nicole, I learned a lot from you, so thanks for your efforts and dedication. I got the second place in our Division contest. Best regards” -Abdallah Aljurf

Attendees of Double Kwik, Inc. retreatDouble Kwik

“Thank you lady!!! I am still energized from the retreat!! You are truly a contagious person!! One of my goals to is to emanate one of your many wonderful traits.” -Elsa McCoy

“Very powerful, self learning event.” -Heather Burton.

“Thank you for sharing your passion with others to make them better.” -Tammy Noble

“Excellent delivery. Moved at a steady pace – no drag time – did not lose the team at any point. Amazing! Sticky indeed!!” -DJ Childers

“Thanks for growing my spirit and growing my total life.” -Mona Collier

“Great retreat and a great start for 2016! Thank you.” – Missy Matthews

“Great job. Learned bunches of great stuff. Thank you for sharing your genius with me.” -Crystal Hyden

“Love your knowledge of the human body and anatomy as backing up the topics. Love the class!” -Nikki Tackett

“You are amazing! Loved it!” -Elsa McCoy

One on one coaching client of Roxann Baeza, MBA, CEG

“From time to time in everyone’s life, there are a few curve balls. Divorced and middle aged, I needed to increase my income. Muddled with low self-esteem and self-doubt, I needed some help. Someone suggested I contact life coach Roxann Baeza. Our sessions together were helpful and full of strategic plans. With Roxann’s help, I was able to open my mind to new possibilities, marketing ideas, and a new game plan. She helped me move forward, step out of the box, and move on. Now I feel better prepared for the curve balls. What a great feeling!” -Leanna S.

Social media coaching client of Lisa Barnett

“Lisa is a wiz at social media marketing. When I approached her about helping me understand the different platforms and how to use them, she also provided tools, resources and strategies for marketing. She was able to coach me in a very organized, concise manner. She has a very collaborative style and is very easy to work with. She makes learning fun and experiential at the same. If you’re looking for someone who knows their stuff, I would highly recommend Lisa.” -Staci Broome,

One on one coaching client of Roxann Baeza, MBA, CEG

“I learned so much about myself with the help of my coach, Roxann. She guided me with career choice decisions by having me examine what aspects of the jobs made me truly happy. I finally figured out that I needed to see something completed to be fulfilled. This was only accomplished through Roxann’s keen observation of my verbal and non-verbal clues when I spoke about the different career paths I was considering. Another key area of growth for me was in figuring out I can say ‘no’ and do not need to give a long-winded explanation. But, the biggest accomplishment was gaining insight into the idea that being ‘selfish’ had a very negative connotation to me. So I now say ‘self-care’ because it’s okay to take care of oneself! I cannot say enough good things about what a positive growth experience working with Roxann, as a life coach, was for me.” -Lisa D.

Novant Presbyterian Hospital Novant Health

“Great experience – thanks.” -David Lytle

“Awesome! Lively conversation. Best way to spend 2 hours on a Tues. AM!” -Amy Patz

“Very enlightening and fun!!” -LaShonda Rawlins

“Wish we had more time. Hope we have you back! You were great!” -Francie Carney

“Wish we had more time.” -Susan Guthrie states, “

“Well put together, good activities, and very enlightening.” -Karen Rott

“Nicole was amazing!” -Reesheda Murphy states, “

Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Dept. Cabarrus County
“I really enjoyed today and feel like this will help me better understand my people that I supervise. I will be better equipped to identify personalities and this will assist me leading my folks.” -Dean Vernon

“Thank you so much, it was an enlightening experience. I learned a lot about myself and my style of supervision. Thanks for providing the tools to assist me in making my life and experiences even better.” -Michael Harris

“Awesome presentation with information that will improve any agency.” -David Allred

“After completing and reading the PEP, I felt this was going to be an interesting training opportunity and it did not disappointment. I’m grateful I had the opportunity to attend.” -Rene Dorton

“I feel you may have brought us a little closer as a team in a short period of time. Thank you.” -James Ianneiello

“Very informative.” -Anthony Haynie

“This was awesome. Would like to have my people to go through this system too.” -Jason Crossman

“Really good training. I would like to see the training opened up for all employees. ”

“Eye opening/ Enlightening” -Aaron Tuttle

“Enlightening” -Katelyn Barrett

“I truly enjoyed this presentation. It was so enlightening.” -Jennifer Burnette

“Pretty cool and interesting class.” -Brian Biggs

“Great class and very insightful.” -Travis McGhee

“I really enjoyed the class and feel like it will greatly help me in the future.” -Van Shaw

Catawba County
“This meant more to me today since I have been working in this job longer and understand how important coaching is.” -Alice Ann Campbell

“Great training as always.” -Carolyn Bowser

“Thank you! This was very helpful for our group!”-Nancy Adams

Town of MooresvilleTown of Mooresville

“I heard you speak at our interdepartmental team building at the Mack Center. I enjoyed it! Looking forward to our one on one coaching session.” -L.C. Purchasing Specialist

Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Department

“Thank you so much for yesterday. I learned so much about myself and how to deal with problems. I am so evaluating everybody now J… I hope you will be coming back to help us with more training. Thanks so much.” -Lt. David Taylor

“Hey Nicole, I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed you’re class at the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday. You’re a great speaker and I really got a lot out of it. Thank you.” Sgt. A.S. Verble, B squad Jail Division

Catawba Valley SHRM Hire Like a Coach Collaborative Coaching Session

Great presentation today.” -Heather, Human Resource Director at Carolina Orthopedics, Attendee at the CVCC

“Dear Nicole, I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for your great presentation yesterday. Thanks for being a part of our first event. The really good thing is that we had several of my instructors there for at least an hour of your presentation and they really liked what you did and your message. Thank you again for your contribution to our students and programs. I look forward to talking to you in the future.” -R. Gary Muller, Dean of the School of Business, Industry, and Technology, Catawba Valley Community College

NCCDA Conference 2015

“Your presentation was a joy, just as I knew it would be!! Thank you again so much for giving us your time and talents. I wanted to share with you the conference evaluations. YOU ROCK!! Seriously, people obviously loved what you had to offer. Best wishes to you in your business. I hope our paths cross again soon.” -Monica White, Ph.D, Coordinator of the NCCDA Conference 2015

From a Faith Based S.H.I.N.E. Retreat
“Nicole, I was at the St Margaret’s women’s retreat this past weekend on Seabrook Island. What I learned from you was amazing and it left me wanting to know more. Just wanted to say thank you. Hopefully our paths will cross again.” -Dana Moran

S.H.I.N.E.™ Collaborative Coaching Session Attendees 2015

“I had such an awesome time today. I was so inspired by you and Ann as well as the incredibly talented people I had the pleasure of meeting. Excited for what’s to come! Thank you!” -Michele Morgan

“Nicole, Thank you so very much for sharing and inspiring today! I really enjoyed the process.” -Marianne Wescoat, Executive Director Union Academy Foundation

I just wanted to say thank-you again for the invitation to come to the retreat. You are doing good work there. Thank-you for sharing your wisdom with us all.” -Vibrantly, Martha

Re: Lisa Barnett, Internet Marketing CoachMark Given Logo

“Hey Lisa, Great day! You’ve inspired me and I’m excited about the new priorities and possibilities! You’re the BEST!!…………smiles…… ” -Mark Given, Author & Speaker


Re: Martha Allen Smith, CEG Vibrant CoachAlliance for Children

“Martha, thank you for your wisdom and for the coaching sessions over the last few months. I felt like a jigsaw puzzle that was missing a few of the pieces needed to make the picture whole. You were able to help me find those pieces and work toward completeness. I now I have the courage to take on a new venture. Had I not had the opportunity to work with you, I would still be spinning my wheels. I am vibrant and ready to move forward!
With enormous gratitude….” -Kim Wolfe, Communications Coordinator, Alliance for the Children

Mitchell Community CollegeMitchell Community College

“Wonderful!” -Cheryl Sells

“This was awesome! The best professional development training we’ve had!!! Thanks for coming!” -T-sha Harrison

“Loved it!” Emilee Chester

“Awesome Content and delivery was energizing!” – Betty Scipione

“This was the most exciting professional training received to date.” -Amy Money

“I hope MCC will have you back again soon.” -Donna Worrell

“This training session should be required for all of “Mitchell”.” – Anonymous

“I’d love this training for Mitchell’s financial services department.” -Anonymous

“Entertaining, energetic, and fun!” -Lisa Taylor

“Really enjoyed! Needed this!” -Anonymous

“I loved your workshop.” -Anonymous

“Nicole, you were awesome! Great delivery of info.” -Anonymous

Statesville Chamber of Commerce

Sir Speedy Printing and Marketing Services It was absolutely fantastic to hear what Nicole had to say, and it will definitely help me at school and in my career. -Kim Snyder

We all get in a rut! You are a breath of sunshine… a mind slap…inspiration! -Carol Oliphant, Owner Sir SpeedyMorrow Insurance & Associates

Great! -Jill Morrow, Morrow Insurance

Wow! -Amber Whitaker, Keller Williams RealtyKeller Williams Realty

Appreciated your positive attitude!- Anonymous

Great presentation. Inspiring! -Ellen Beckerman G.L. Wilson ConstructionG.L. Wilson Building Company

What a great meeting! I am walking away with much to think about, as I am currently trying to find my purpose- Thank you! – Valerie Synder

S.H.I.N.E.™  Retreat in January 2015

“THANK YOU, thank you, T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U!!! I wanted to acknowledge you DID ask me a very powerful question and mirrored something to me on Friday. I was surprised by the question of enjoying entrepreneurship. I would never have seen that. It has been amazing to get into spaces and things I thought I could “NEVER” do…like sales and entrepreneurship. I was asked about the card I picked from the floor where the dad is helping the girl ride a bike. I told her about being like a mentor alongside and helping and allowing them to do the work, but then she asked me what it would be like if I was the girl being helped do it on my own. Mind blowing…especially after hearing Ann talk about shadowing a master. Just GREAT stuff. What a power-filled day!” -Amy Deemas

Hospice of Iredell County Event

“Awesome job!” -Leigh Ann Darty

“Thought provoking! I loved the new ways of thinking.” -Joy MacNicholHospice and Palliative Care of Iredell County

“Extremely helpful! Teresa Ward, Good program, enjoyed Nicole!” -Anonymous

“I thought the meeting went very well and I personally learned a lot not only about members of our team but about myself as well. Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you next time.” -Charles E. Ashe, MBA, CHPCA , Chief Operating Officer

From Lower Cape Fear Society Human Resource Management:

100% Attendees Stated this Event Met Expectations, 100% Attendees Stated they gained knowledge from Attending this Event, 100% of Attendees Stated they Would Rate this Presenter as “Excellent”. Attendees said, “Loved her!” “Awesome Speaker”, “Loved this Program”, Thank you. I was at first skeptical when I heard about the guest speaker and the topic, but was pleasantly surprised and educated! Great speaker, would like to hear her again.

“Hi Nicole, Thanks for sharing your SHINE message at our Lower Cape Fear Human Resource Association luncheon. Thank you for sharing your energy and genius with us!” – Karen

“Thank you for presenting today at the Wilmington SHRM meeting. I am one of those HR people you talked about that goes into meetings thinking “this isn’t anything I’ve heard before…” I did however find, a lot of value in what you were saying and you got a lot of thoughts flowing for me! One of the tools you talked about “The Art of Dialogue” document would be awesome to get my hands on. Thanks again and don’t be surprised if I reach out to discuss more around your Tilt assessment for my plant. Very interesting… ” -Lisa Leath, HR Manager, Wilmington Plant, Corning Optical Communications LLC

Attendees From Jacksonville, NC SHRM
“Everyone enjoyed the presentation!”

“As far as the speaker herself, I believe she did an excellent job. She seemed to speak very fast which kept the energy high. The presentation and material overall was good as was her humor which kept everyone’s attention.”

“I think it was a great presentation She was a captivating speaker!”

1st Annual Charlotte Mothers of Multiples Convention

“Nicole, Thank you so much for coming to speak at the 1st Annual CMOMs Convention. You were a joy to listen to and really inspirational to me and all the moms that attended. I hope that in the future, we can work with you again.PS – Congratulations on your upcoming graduation!
Thank you!” -Lindsay Wilson, CMOMs PresidentCharlotte Mothers of Multiples

Attendees at the 2015 Master Clerks Conference, Research Triangle Park
“Nicole, you were fabulous last week at our Academy! So much of what you said will help me professionally but also personally! You were the talk of the week. I’m certain you will be invited back. Thanks so much.” -Dale Martin, Town Clerk at the Town of Kernersville

After a collaborative coaching for St. Luke’s United Methodist Church staff!

“You’re already making a difference. Thanks. God’s Peace.” -Mark Andrews, Pastor, St. Luke’s United Methodist Church

Master Clerk’s Conference All-Day Collaborative Coaching Session
From 116 Clerks from all over North Carolina!

“I thoroughly enjoyed the class today. I feel better equipped to make a change in my life and I intend to work on transforming my work place.
Thank you for the new direction.” ~Rhonda D. Webb, MMC, NCCMC, Town Clerk, Town of Spring Lake

“Very interesting, motivating, and informative. You just have to get out of the “Corona” chair!” -Jonnie Drive, Clerk at the Town of Wendell, North Carolina

“This session helped me to get a vision of my future steps and how o start the process to reach that goal.” -Jason Robinson, Clerk for Yancey County, North Carolina

“Great day! You pack so much into a day it “could be” overwhelming but your pacing, taking time for questions and explanations keeps it all well balanced. Just enough for me wanting more!!” – Mikela Russell, Clerk at the City of Morganton, North Carolina

“Enjoyed the energy and personal stories.” -Trisha Hogan, Clerk for Transylvania County, North Carolina

“Very enthusiastic, exciting, and valuable presentation. Thoroughly enjoyed!” -Melanie Johnson, City of Winston-Salem, North Carolina

“Nicole was wonderful! I enjoyed every minute.” -Debra Ivey, Clerk to Region A

Liked that she (Nicole) made the lecture relevant to clerks and their job.” -Jeanne Gibin, Clerk at The Town of Morehead City, North Carolina

“Awesome speaker! The message was clearly spoken, kept my attention and high energy!” -Thelda Roney Clerk at the Town of Valdese, North Carolina

“Great program! Got lots of tools for my toolbox.” -Debbie Harris, Clerk at the Town of Davidson, North Carolina

“Very energetic! Got me thinking!” -Melissa Corser, Clerk at the City of Goldsboro, North Carolina

“I plan to use this in my personal life!” -Christine Thompson, Clerk at the City of Fletcher, North Carolina

“Wonderful Speaker! Would like to have her back.” -Anonymous

“Very informative.” -Belinda White, Clerk at the Town of Falcon, North Carolina

“Touched my soul–made me think/believe in my dreams.” -Kimberly Moffet, Clerk at the Town of Clayton

“Excellent seminar!” -Beth Fehrmann, Clerk

“Amazing, relatable–thanks!” -Leslie Rudd, Clerk at the Town of Rolesville

“Excellent presentation yesterday at the Lower Cape Fear HR Association. We even enjoyed it via video conference up in Jacksonville.” -Bob Wheeler

“Thank you for presenting today at the Wilmington SHRM meeting. I am one of those HR people you talked about that goes into meetings thinking “this isn’t anything I’ve heard before…” I did, however, find a lot of value in what you were saying and you got a lot of thoughts flowing for me! One of the tools you talked about “The Art of Dialogue” document would be awesome to get my hands on. Thanks again and don’t be surprised if I reach out to discuss more around your Tilt assessment Very interesting…” -Lisa Leath HR Manager Wilmington Plant Corning Optical Communications LLC

Cabarrus CountyCabarrus County Active Living and Parks
From Participants in The Engaging the Elements of Success Collaborative Coaching Session

“Our guys are definitely open to more training and that makes me excited! I love to see them want to learn and better themselves!! You did an excellent job and got them excited about working together.” -Director of Cabarrus County Active Living and Parks Londa Strong

“I hope to be able to use this in getting others in the office to understand our differences and that they are OK!!! Thank You!” – Teresa Kiser

“Great! Love the interaction with others and learning how we work!! Hope this will lighten up the work atmosphere in the office!!” -Makenzie Mullinax

“Very Good!” -Alex Beck

“Session was awesome helped me realize more about others personalities and how to make our organization better.” -Jonathan Poole

“Very Awesome Information! Great tools and a look at ways to make the organization better! Recommend to others!” -Perry Gabriel

“Great session with info that can be used on a day to day basis.” -Mike Murphy

“Learned a lot and really enjoyed it.” -Luke Robinson

“It was helpful to understand others characteristics and how I impact them. Nicole was prepared and knowledgeable, but made the experience fun too. It was enlightening to see how my strengths and challenges may impact the way I deal with situations.” -Anonymous

“Helped me see where and how I need to improve communication to others, and to understand how it takes each individual to make a team and work together more successfully.” -Sharon Hatley

“Very helpful to correctly put co-workers in the right category and be able to better deal with/work/help them!”-Jania Honeycutt

“This was helpful, thank you so much for helping us understand each other better.” -Byron Haigler

“The way you related each element to the other was very knowledgeable and you explained it very well.” -Joshua Coffman

Cabarrus County ArenaCabarrus County Arena
From Participants in The Engaging the Elements of Success Collaborative Coaching Session

“This course would be great for High School Guidance counselors, and up coming graduates. It should be a per-requisite for college students.” – Dwight Workman

“Very fun and concise presentation of material thais often tough to digest!” -Kenny Robinson, Human Resources Director

“Thank you for all the information. Well done. Enjoyed learning more about our team.” -Shannon Bulger

“Wonderful presentation! I came with an open mind and feel like a new spark has been lit in my career. Best course I have taken with team building EVER.” -Barry Klapish

“This was truly the best team building meeting I have attended. It gave me a very helpful information to use in our office.” -Lisa Coley

“Thank you for your helping us to understand each other and ourselves with more clarity. I’m excited to practice your relationship suggestions when I’m dealing with new clients —and coworkers and family!” -Pam Sossamon

“I was very excited when I heard about this coaching. I am even more excited to apply all of the information that I absorbed today in both my personal and professional life. Nicole ROCKS!! Loved it!” -Brenda Clem

Mooresville Fire DepartmentMooresville Fire Department

“Great presentation!” -Engineer Micheal Moose

“This was so dead on it was scary! Very helpful!” -Engineer Brian Yon

“Great class! Thanks!” -Engineer Ryan Harrell

Mitchell Community CollegeMitchell Community College

“Thank you for the vibrant coaching session you and Lisa held on campus yesterday. We have heard many positive comments about it!

Again, thank you!” -Lee Jan Waddell, HR Technician

“I want to say a big THANK YOU for being you, and leading this uplifting, encouraging energetic session. We NEEDED this. -Enjoy your day.”

-Carole Ireland, Administrative Assistant, Mitchell Community College Cosmetic Arts Center

S.H.I.N.E.™ : Self Assessment Retreat Attendee 2015

“Nicole: I wanted you to know that after two tough interviews, I received the offer and accepted it! Meeting you was pure divine intervention and I cannot tell you how the brief contact with you has positively impacted my life. I will definitely pursue learning more from you to help with with my continued success. Again, thank you!” -Lisa

From a Client who referred his Sister…

“She has SOOOO much drive….she just needs help with getting on a path. I believe in coaching so much I wish I could pay for all my friends to have a coach. I’m closer to my future success and millions because you noticed a few things during our first conversation and asked the right questions! 🙂 Thanks and excited for our future road together.” -Darryl Bellamy, Bellamy Inspires

Re: Martha Allen Smith, CEG Vibrant Coach

“I did 3 coaching sessions with Martha Allen and I am out of the depressing funk I have been in for years. I have more energy and eager to take the next step in my life. I didn’t know what life coaching was until she explained it to me.I was hesitant at first but after about 15 minutes she had put me at ease. After the first session I couldn’t wait for the next.” – Michele Kelly, One on One Coaching Client

After a collaborative coaching for the staff!

“You’re already making a difference. Thanks. God’s Peace” -Mark Andrews, Pastor, St. Luke’s United Methodist Church

After the Master Clerk’s Conference All-Day Collaborative Coaching Session for 116 Clerks from all over North Carolina!

“I thoroughly enjoyed the class today. I feel better equipped to make a change in my life and I intend to work on transforming my work place. Thank you for the new direction” -Rhonda D. Webb, MMC, NCCMC Town Clerk Town of Spring Lake

“Very interesting, motivating, and informative. You just have to get out of the “Corona” chair!” -Jonnie Drive, Clerk at the Town of Wendell, NC

“This session helped me to get a vision of my future steps and how o start the process to reach that goal.” -Jason Robinson, Clerk for Yancey County, NC

“Great day! You pack so much into a day it “could be” overwhelming but your pacing, taking time for questions and explanations keeps it all well balanced. Just enough for me wanting more!!” -Mikela Russell, Clerk at the City of Morganton, NC

“Enjoyed the energy and personal stories.” -Trisha Hogan, Clerk for Transylvania County, NC

“Very enthusiastic, exciting, and valuable presentation. Thoroughly enjoyed!” -Melanie Johnson, City of Winston-Salem, NC

“Nicole was wonderful! I enjoyed every minute.” -Debra Ivey, Clerk to Region A

“Liked that she (Nicole) made the lecture relevant to clerks and their job.” -Jeanne Gibin, Clerk at The Town of Morehead City, NC

“Awesome speaker! The message was clearly spoken, kept my attention and high energy!” -Thelda Roney Clerk at the Town of Valdese, NC

“Great program! Got lots of tools for my toolbox.” -Debbie Harris, Clerk at the Town of Davidson, NC

“Very energetic! Got me thinking!” -Melissa Corser, Clerk at the City of Goldsboro, NC

“I plan to use this in my personal life!” -Christine Thompson, Clerk at the City of Fletcher, NC

“Wonderful Speaker! Would like to have her back.” -Anonymous

“Very informative”. -Belinda White, Clerk at the Town of Falcon, NC

“Touched my soul!” -made me think/believe in my dreams. -Kimberly Moffet, Clerk at the Town of Clayton

“Excellent seminar!” -Beth Fehrmann, Clerk

“Amazing, relatable–thanks!” -Leslie Rudd, Clerk at the Town of Rolesville

“Nicole, My name is Marina McGinnis. I was at the lyceum you spoke at tonight, and I wanted to thank you for coming to the university. What you said was incredibly useful, and encouraging.”-Marina McGinnis, Student at Wingate University

“I enjoyed the work shop. It was nice to interact with other departments. What I would really like to see is this trickled down to the different departments. Each department has its own unique situations and I really think this could be beneficial. I hope this will be considered and possibly happen.” -Town of Mooresville: Public Works Department Feedback from Group Coaching Session on the Town’s Vision

“Leslie and I both wanted to extend our thanks again for so fabulously leading yesterday’s LEAD session! Your expertise was spot on and it was wonderful seeing the fun dynamic between you and Cassi, learning about the tools our members can use, and seeing how successfully you’ve build up your own brand. We very much appreciate the time and energy you put into helping make this event so fantastic!”

-Meghan Stamper, Bank of Americashared-services-production-management-boa

City of Salisbury Testimonials from an Engaging the Elements Coaching Session

“Excellent!” -Ruth Chaparro Kennerly HR Manager

“Very Useful and helpful information!” -Brianna Price HR Specialist

“Dear Nicole, I wanted to thank you for your concise and energetic coaching and vision session for Lake Norman Realty this past Monday.


There was NO DEAD TIME!!! I loved the half day. And, I feel there was good bonding and understanding from attendees. Also, appreciated their good feedback. Many thanks. You did it again!” -Jane Getsinger, Owner Lake Norman Realty

“Hi Nicole. It was my pleasure meeting you tonight. It was a very informative session. Thanks for your coaching.” -Kevin O’Leary, Job Hunter’s Group at St. John’s Episcopal Church

“Mrs. Greer, I want to thank you again for speaking today at our regional FBLA event. You were awesome! Thank you for being willing to volunteer your time and invest in others. Thanks so much!” -Caleb Johnson, Future Business Leaders of America Vice President NC

“I wanted to thank you for the wonderful and motivational speech/presentation you gave at the FBLA conference today! It was great and I learned many tips and strategies to be successful in the business world!” -Bethany Holder, Future Business Leaders of America Member

“Nicole, Thank you so much for doing the keynote again tonight. I cannot tell you how much your involvement with our organization has helped but I do hope we made you PROUD!”

-Fire Chief Curt Deaton, Mooresville Fire Department


“Nicole, Thank you again for all your participation in LEAD over the last few months. Below are some statistics that you might like for your reference.

  • Over 800 registrants (20% increase over 2013)
  • 14 impactful sessions
  • Discovery Place CEO and 25 BAC executives spoke
  • Partnership with Discovery Place for innovation activity
  • Over 1,000 household items were collected and sorted, and 150 woman-to-woman cards sharing words of encouragement were created for women served by the YWCA Families Together and Women in Transition programs.

Total participation for your last live event was 157. I had lots of positive feedback and Lisa really enjoyed getting to meet you. Stay in touch and let me know if I can ever help you with anything. Thanks!”

shared-services-production-management-boa-Heather Ahlbin, VP – Business Support Manager II Risk, Capital, Investments, and Treasury Technology (RCITT) Bank of America, Charlotte, NC

“Nicole, I wanted to thank you for you vibrant workshop last Friday. We both came back to our families over the weekend and the office on Monday and raved and shared your thoughts and presentation with our coworkers. Thank you for all your invaluable insight, it was very good indeed.”

-Frances Crane, Marketing Coordinator Carepoint Inc.

City of Salisbury Vibrant Culture Shift Session Evaluations/Testimonials

“I appreciated the simplicity and directness of the coaching. I believe this will assist me in making clear goals for the future of our department.” -Lt. Jason Robertson, City of Salisbury Police Department

“Great Speaker and Material Presentation.” -Anonymous

“The attitude of the coach was very pleasant and made it comfortable to share in front of the group. What impacted me the most were the tools to use to capture ideas and create goals so I can impact the City of Salisbury.” -Anonymous

“I cannot say enough good about Nicole. She has changed my life and I am forever grateful for that. The first time I met her, she called me Fire and I couldn’t see it in myself. Since then I have changed the way I handle situations at the work place to bring in the fire, I am more confident in how I handle the situations to get a positive result. Tell her thanks from me.” -Patricia J. Corfman, The Ohio State University Office Associate, Fiscal, West Region Extension Office, Columbus, OH

“You have helped me so much! Thank you for all of your encouragement! I can highly recommend you to anyone who needs a life coach, and will be certain to do so. Thanks, again, so very much! It has been a pleasure working with you!” -Maria H., One on One Client in Career Transition

Lake Norman Realty Advisory Board 2015 Planning Meeting Evaluations/Testimonials

lakenormanrealty“Excellent! Thank You!” -Tracey Bethune, Business Development Guru

“Excellent as always!” – Nancy Hucks, Broker/REALTOR”Excellent as always! You are so wonderful at what you do!” – Summer Tabor, Broker In Charge/REALTOR Davidson, NC

“Hi Nicole, I attended the AAA meeting yesterday and am up early after a long day “on fire” with desire for my “want”. Smile. Thanks for your presentation and your conversation about people in one’s environment who “block” one’s SHINE. I feel more empowered today to love but, not listen to “downer” opinions. Thanks for your attention.” -Linda L., Attendee at the Area Agency on Aging Winter Conference 2014

2014 NC Recreation and Parks Association Annual Conference in Wilmington, NC Evaluations/Testimonials

“Hey Nicole, I really enjoyed your presentation as our closing keynote speaker last week at the NCRPA conference. Your presentations are always fun and very informative! Thanks.” -Dee Turner, Pender County Parks and Recreation
“The classes you gave were very educational. The coaching techniques will be used and taught to other people to further their careers.” -Andrew Barker
“This session was awesome! I feel so energized. Thanks!” -Rhonda Parker
“Great presentation—Love the high energy level.” -Brian Gaskell
“Would love to adopt this (the Strategies, Systems, & Smarts from the Energy! Session) for our department!” -Ellen Fentors, Gaston Recreation and Parks
“Thank you so much! I have really struggled with goal setting & identifying purpose. I will be using this material!” -Torry Blackmar, Garner Recreation and Parks

“I wanted to thank you for the wonderful and motivational speech/presentation you gave at the FBLA conference! It was great and I learned many tips and strategies to be successful in the business world! I would love to learn more. I’m inspired to use my adoption story and my motivation to inspire others and make a difference! Also I am the girl that we met in the bathroom!”

-Bethany Holder, Attendee at the North Carolina Future Business Leaders Conference

“Nicole, I was so excited to hear you share with the single’s group tonight. Thanks for making the time! Thanks for sharing your talent with us! And I’m also thankful that you serve and love a mighty God! Many blessings on you and your family!”

-Pastor Brenda, Grace Covenant Church, Cornelius,NC

“Hi Nicole. You rocked it yesterday!! I’ve never heard you do that teaching but, it was awesome…wish the whole company could have heard it.” -Julie Jones, Broker LAKE NORMAN REALTY, INC.lakenormanrealty

“Hi Nicole Greer. That was an awesome presentation last night at St. John Episcopal. I would like to congratulate you and your associates, for the fine job that has been done in teaching us: resume, goal setting ,defining our future, etc. God Bless!” -Ron Flores, Job Hunter’s Group at St. John’s Episcopal Church

From the follow up communication piece from The Area Agency on Aging regarding the AAA Conference:
“Thanks to each of you for being our guests at the AAA Holiday event yesterday at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. We received overwhelmingly positive response to Nicole Greer, our Vibrant Coach for the day. She and Bea both inspired us and made us laugh. You can’t do much better than that.”


Centralina Council of Government’s Area Agency on Aging Conference 2014 Evaluations/Testimonials

“Excellent class! Nicole was great. I could listen to her all day!” -Angela Robinson, Mecklenburg County

“Fabulous!” -Nancy Rapone

“This was an outstanding class. I really enjoyed it.” -Tracy Price-Barnes

“Best Workshop! Thanks!” -Kimberly Grigg, Mecklenburg County

“Excellent speaker! Articulate! Knows her material! Funny!” -B. Zimmer, Trinity Oaks Health and Rehab


Occupational Nurses Conference 2014 Evaluations/Testimonials

“Great presentation. Thank you!” -Robin Carswell, Sypris Technologies

“Thank you! You are awesome!!!” -Robin McLaughlin, Rowan County Government

“Fantastic! Inspired me to look closer at myself and my need expand my leadership skills.” -Patricia Greene, Advance Pierre Foods

“Awesome!!” -Beverly Orrell

“Excellent Presentation!” -Anonymous

“Wonderful presentation!” -Cynthia Sacona, Corning

“Excellent Presentation, enjoyed the variety of ‘assignments’.” -Lynn Phelps, Piedmont Healthcare

“You have opened my mind to different ways to be a leader. Great presentation!” -Hayley McKesson, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

“Nicole is an awesome speaker!” -Dawn Scheessele, Carrier United Technologies

“Very motivating!” -Edisa Caldwell, Shurtape, Inc.

SHINE Retreat: Habits in March 2014

“I’ve always felt that learning new things, meeting new people and being open to experiences allows you to grow. That is exactly what SHINE does. Nicole walks you through the steps of self discovery. Her methods allow you to explore “who you are and how you can consistently deliver your best.” The SHINE process is developed to help each participant come to their own conclusions for personal growth. Nicole and Ann work together to guide you through the workshop, allowing ample time to provide each participant with actual tools you can use moving forward, and deliver solid feedback. It is worth every penny that you invest to gain from their valuable experience and positive energy. If you are seeking a way to grow professionally and personally then – SHINE is for you!” -Cyndi Caldwell, Certified Senior Advisor* Seniors Helping Seniors

SHINE Retreat: Habits in March 2014

“Setting aside time to attend the SHINE™ Retreat: Habits was truly helpful in identifying and addressing habits in my daily life. Nicole’s and Ann’s insight and resources were encouraging and applicable to my desire to develop the good habits in my life. Also, the setting, location, and serene atmosphere at The Farm created a peaceful time for self-reflection. I look forward to gleaning wisdom from all of the SHINE™ Retreats to live a Vibrant life!” -Teri Baltzegar, Financial Officer

“Good Morning Nicole, Pray you are well! Just thought I’d send you a quick email of encouragement. I’m taking another coaching class called Academic Life Coaching and loving it! During this class I’m finding myself thinking of you so often in reflection of our coaching sessions. It’s becoming increasingly evident how you continue to have significant impact in my life. Grateful.” -Elise Stanfield, PPCC

“I feel that Nicole has a great ability to translate a team goal that is recognized by all of those that attend. The message that I have taken away is that of having the ability to connect with other employee’s and to also understand that we all might have a different way of learning or understanding, a common goal is achievable. The group exercises prove that there is a way to get other employee’s from different departments to work together.” -Town of Mooresville: Public Works Department Feedback from Group Coaching Session on the Town’s Vision

“I enjoyed the training on excellence. I enjoyed the interaction of working together to accomplish a goal such as, when we learned to spin the buzz rings and pass it from person to person in our group. It was neat to see how each team encouraged other group members while they were learning to do the same task. It was also great to see teams reach out to other teams and share what they had learned. The speaker was well trained and versed and I enjoy listening to what she had to say.” -Town of Mooresville: Public Works Department Feedback from Group Coaching Session on the Town’s Vision

“Through the seminar it made me want to try hard on promoting excellence within myself and trying to get others to do the same. Learning the different mind sets of how people think will help with this on how we can embrace new ideas to move towards excellence.”

-Town of Mooresville: Public Works Department Feedback from Group Coaching Session on the Town’s Vision

“Awesome! Inspiring! -Laura Randall, Bank of America

“Truly enjoyed your coaching. I am looking forward to getting my “fanny in the chair” and going over the materials you provided. -Patti Stiene, Bank of America

“Wow! You were sensational! -Randy o’Neill, Bank of America

“Very well done! -Anonymous, Bank of America

“Wonderful session, thank you for joining us today! -Anonymous, Bank of America

“Your presentation was so much more than I expected, in a very pleasant way. I feel like you called out some things that I have allowed to creep back into my life. You provided some great tools for my assessment and will be reaching out for the resources you offered. ” -Michael Gunkel, Bank of America

“Wonderful Presentation!” -Michelle Pendergrass Laprade, Bank of America

“Thank you for speaking at our Toastmaster’s Club. I love your energy and how you exude enough of yourself and your audience. ” -Edythe Kennedy, Bank of America

“Great way to end the conference. The Vibrant Coach (Nicole Greer) never fails to deliver.” -Amy Ryan, Park and Recreation Town of Leland

“I owe you a big, gigantic THANK YOU!!!! I am on another BIG adventure! I have been in the process of moving over the past 2 weeks and getting all set up in a new place…Clarksville, Tennessee! Because without your coaching, I wouldn’t have made this move at all….Hugs! -Leigh T., One on One Coaching Client

“Hello Nicole, It was really nice seeing you speak again at our staff conferences, you are as always really good and very inspirational. When I grow up I want to be like you!! LOL Thank you for Everything.” -Rosa Beasley, Human Resources Assistant, Carolina Farm Credit

“Nicole Greer, Thank you so much for sharing your gift with the Bulldog community tonight! Stay vibrant.” -Tela Witherspoon, Lyceum Program Coordinator, Wingate University, Wingate, North Carolina

“Hi Nicole, I had the pleasure of attending the Bank of America LEAD for Women event, Building your Professional and Social Brand July 9th. I can still feel your projected energy and I am happy to report today I successfully delivered my first Toastmasters speech. I was able to kick myself in gear and do the “dreaded” after working through the handouts and giving myself some tough love. Obviously inspired!” – Edy Kennedy VP / Social Media Operations, Enterprise Customer Relations – Social Media -Bank of America


“Hi Nicole! Nice meeting you today. I really enjoyed the presentation – the personal stories and humor made it all very engaging. I believe the message is relevant and can be tailored to many audiences. I am glad I was able to hear you speak and wish you the best!” -Amy Zelenka, National Account Executive

“Good Morning, Nicole!!! My world shines more and more each day. I have made great strides to improve my communication and my attitudes. I realize that it will takes consistent practice and I am moving in the right direction. I have a quote taped to my monitor. It reads “You stand in your own light. Make it shine.”. It’s my new motto. I may not be able to change everything at once but I do have control over who I want to be and how I want to act. Thank you for your wonderful coaching and your contagious upbeat attitude!” -Kathleen P. Accounting Technician, Government Organization

“Thank you for the amazing coaching time. Soooo energized. Was exactly what I needed! Thank you!” -Amy Deemas, One on One Coaching Client

“Pastor Mark Andrews of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in Hickory, NC participated in the 2013-2014 School of the Spirit and experienced transformation that resulted in a much needed Sabbatical. He is a testimony to simply being vulnerable enough to ask for what you need. Check out his blog post at Duke Divinity Leadership Blog “Connection” regarding his experience.” -Pastor Mark Andrews of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in Hickory, NC

“Hey Nicole, You did an outstanding job yesterday in our leadership development session. Upbeat, on task with tangible actions to do. Very nice.”

-Barry L. McKinnon, P.E., Public Utilities Director, Town of Mooresville

“Good Morning Nicole, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the seminar yesterday for the Town of Mooresville. You were great. Thank you.”
-Sharon Barger, Administrative Assistant Town of Mooresville Fire Department

“I spent two years researching just the right fit for my website update and feel so grateful that I found the two of you. You were proficient, efficient, professional, and fun to work with. You gave me enough information to make the RIGHT decisions and then went to work implementing. The best part is that I receive more compliments on my website then I could have hoped for. It’s fresh looking, easy to navigate, and people that find my site stay on longer. AWESOME! I have already recommended you to others. Thank you, thank you, thank you for a job well done. You can count on me to continue using your services for regular updates and revisions. With my sincerest appreciation.”

Mark Given Logo
-Mark Given, Priorities Guy, Chief Thinker, Speaker and Author

“It was an honor and a privilege to hear Nicole Greer speak last year in August 2013 at the Catawba SHRM Summer Workshop. The name of Nicole’s business is “Vibrant Coaching” and she delivered her program on Vibrant Leadership. Her presentation was very interactive, entertaining, and full of tactics and tools for the human resource professional. She was so passionate in her program that I invited her to attend our 1st meeting of the year for the Lincoln Area Human Resource Association in January 2014. The feedback was excellent. I highly recommend her as everyone present left feeling energized and refreshed with her presentation. You do not want to miss hearing Nicole! She definitely has the 3 D’s needed in the business world today: desire, determination and dedication.”

Ultraforce Staffing
-John Finger Vice President, Ultraforce Staffing

“At School of the Spirit, in 2011, I pulled the visual card of kernels with a deep, deep desire to somehow bring seminary to laity. To take the abundant education I was fortunate enough to receive and share it with the local church. I wanted to give literacy back to laity for sacraments, scripture, church history, etc.

In God’s good time check out what I have found a series of studies & videos by great professors teaching for the wider public. In other words, accessible seminary for laity! God is indeed very good. Thank you for all the space, time, and prayers you’ve cultivated and given that has allowed God to plant seeds in my life these past 3-4 years. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this!” -Reverend Ashley Thomas – Testimony from School of the Spirit information available at

“Through the PEP, Nicole inspired me to be authentic. Through her consulting sessions, Nicole inspired me to carry out my purpose. Nicole is gifted and enthusiastic motivator and guide. My time with her was priceless.” -Alpa, One on One Coaching Client

“My freelance career has, somehow, taken off since we last talked. So busy writing I’ve had to turn people down, and I’ve applied a lot of stuff I learned from your talks to help me. So, thanks.” -Matt Crossman, Career Transition Group Attendee, Story Teller, and Freelance Writer

“I am grateful to you and the work you do with me. You are right there with me guiding me and encouraging me. Also, pushing me when I need it. I am glad you are with me as we do life together.” -Missy Carlson, One on One Coaching Client, Edward Jones Financial Advisor

“We really enjoyed your presentation Tuesday. The evaluations were all very complimentary. I will be happy to make referrals to other organizations, matter of fact, one of the responses was that she hoped to have you speak at her church group, as well as, at her company.I am going to take your literature and go slowly through the material and get started on my transformation. It will truly be a challenge! Thank you again for everything” -Robin McLaughlin, Carolinas Medical Center Occupational Health Nursing Department

“I just wanted to share how much I enjoyed and appreciated the session on Wednesday.
COG had our Christmas party yesterday, and there was a buzz of excitement and energy among those who attended Wednesday — Thank you for a job well done, and for investing your energy with us! Have a great weekend and holiday!” -Laurie Abounader, Regional Ombudsman Centralina Council of Governments
Regional Ombudsman Centralina Council of Governments


“WOW! Yesterday was groundbreaking for us and very moving/emotional for me – two characteristics that I have long since not associated with work. Thanks for doing what you do.” -Robert A. Henderson, CGCIO, Information Systems Administrator Centralina Council of Governments

“I was fortunate enough to see Nicole Greer of Vibrant Coaching, while at the North Carolina Recreation & Parks Association conference, I attended one of her sessions and Scott attended two. We were very impressed and enjoyed Nicole’s message and delivery.” -Todd Riddick, MS, CPRP, Recreation Manager – Centers & Programs Greenville Recreation & Parks Department

“Thank you so much for our coaching session. It was very valuable to me and time well spent. I really appreciate your honesty and your guidance.”

Greenville Recreation & Parks Department-Becky Tolle, Recreation & Special Events Coordinator City of Kannapolis


“You ROCKED!!!” (A comment after the Organizational “All Staff” Meeting) -Robert A. Henderson, CGCIO, Information Systems Administrator

“Thought you did a great job on Tuesday! Wish you had had more time. I am ready to be coached!” -Julie Jones, Attendee at the Company Visioning Sessionjulie-jones-lnr


“I have heard several comments since your presentation:

  • “It was informative, and I enjoyed it”
  • “It was in line with what we have been trying to do”
  • “Working on how to use these things with my department and in my own work as a manager”
  • “The presentation was listed as one of the best things that happened last week on our Managers’ weekly recap”
  • “We have learned it is ok for things to get messy” (During a managers’ meeting)
  • “It’s hard…Whoops, I can’t say that”
  • “I’m taking steps to find out more about my employees so that I can help them”
  • “Well, we have learned that we have got to tell them the hard truths about the business operations”

-Jason Albright, PHR, Human Resources Generalist

“It was extremely productive today and fun to witness all the creative minds working together! 2014 is going to be an awesome year at Lake Norman Realty, and I’m so happy that you will be a part of our positive changes!” -Abigail Jennings, President, LAKE NORMAN REALTY, INC.lakenormanrealty


“Nicole, You did a fabulous job today! You are so wonderful at what you do! Phenomenal woman, you are!” -Summer Robinson Taborm. Broker in Charge. Lake Norman Realty

“Thank you Nicole Greer. You taught me that I have a voice and a message to share with others. You taught me to accentuate my strengths and to stop dwelling on my weaknesses.” -Ron Gobble, Laughlin Memorial Hospital and Healogics

Email received by the Human Resource Director regarding a Vibrant Leadership Development Program:

“I loved the speaker! Thanks a lot. I just loved it, it was my cup of tea and the essence of who I am as a leader. I want to brush up on all of the skills associated with reaching my life goals as well as anything, “gifts”, I can use to benefit Manheim while I am here.” -Luann McLeod, Manheim Auto Auction, Leadership Team

“Nicole, Where do I start… First, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have participated in loads of self-help/coaching seminars and workshops and have never felt the intensity or devotion that you put forth for us. You facilitated an open environment to dig deep in the professional and personal space of our heart and I want to learn from you. You made us all want to be better leaders. PS I could go on and on and on…:) You have a gift!” -Jessica C. Bryson, Office Manager, Black Orthodontics

Direct quote from the evaluation of the recent NCCEAPA/TERSSA Conference in September at Embassy Suites.

What did you learn?

“The positive attitude of the speaker in the “Shine” workshop was wonderful and I will take away many of her suggestions on the different types of people we have to work with every day and try to improve my interactions. I really enjoyed the speaker Nicole Greer, and her insight in how to live a more vibrant life.”

“Love the Nicole Greer presentation. I had never heard of the elements she used for personality traits.”

What did you like most about the conference?

“SHINE and the speaker at the banquet” -Janet C Mabry, CAP, COSS Administrative Assistant, NC State University, CALS, NCCES – Stanly County Center

“Nicole, the following link is for the newspaper story on my work on the Cafe: Thank you again for getting me started on a wonderful journey with our Lord.” -Donald L. Murfin, The Community Cafe, Inc.

“I know good things are on the horizon for me. Thank you for your continued support and guidance. You are helping me to see the person that I am to become.” -Kevin B., One on One Coaching Client in Career Transition

“You were full of energy, I love that!!!! Shine girl shine!! I will definitely share your willingness to shine your light! Thanks Again!”

-Brandi Grubbs / PHD, Marketing Director at Share Agape, Attendee at the Carolinas Regional Hospice Marketing Conference

“Hi Nicole. Thanks for the information. Please know you are a blessing and powerfully gifted. Thanks for the Vibrant Career Transition group.” -Susan Park

“Thank you seems so inadequate…Your gifts help me and so many others SHINE !!!” -Chris Dossin, Vibrant Career Transition Group Attendee and Budding Entrepreneur

“Thanks so much Nicole! I am still in awe of all I have discovered about myself already through answering my profile questions, PEP, and our session yesterday! Little things will pop in my head…oh that’s why…Wind :)It is like the blinders have been taken off and I am seeing myself as never before, with no judgment or negative self talk, but understanding, which is Very Freeing!!! I can’t wait to see what else I am going to discover as I journey through the process! I appreciate your encouraging words and “work” to be done!” -Kandy, A Life Coaching Client

“Nicole, It was a great pleasure to meet you after the SHRM session. Your approach to the subject of coaching within the workplace was dead on and I loved the clarity of your approach.” -Maggie Grafton, SPHR, CPPC Grafton Solutions

Feedback/Testimonials from PEP Workshop Evaluation at Starrette Farm


“Nicole is a spit fire and you fall in love with her immediately…she is fulfilling her birth right gift. AWESOME!”

“I could not be more pleased with the information I received and the atmosphere in which it was received! I am grateful and blessed to have not only been a part of such amazing people, but the exposure to such power and passion!”

“Great motivator! Lots of energy! You go, girl!”

“Excellent speaker!”

“Excellent! I’m off in style in my self-discovery!”

“I learned a lot about myself and am excited to relate to others in different ways, depending on their elements”

“Wish that I had been exposed to this invaluable information years ago!”

“This was great workshop-more than I expected and Anne and Nicole are clearly called to do this. Thanks for your energy, your empathy, your feedback, your enthusiasm, your spirits, and reflecting God’s love and his passion for making our lives better, our minds sharper, and souls more ready to find Him and ourselves.” -Bill

“Delivery was not “canned.” This has been a great opportunity for acknowledgements, refinement, reflection, and motivation.” -Rick Meekins

“The ability to create and write a mission and vision statement in the amount of time here at the retreat center was great. Also, it was valuable with the team work and to have feedback as the group progressed.” -Judi Murphy

“Three positive comments: 1) The exercises to draft mission statement was simple and effective 2) The 4 elements of learning helped me to know myself better 3) The Creative Tension Zone helped me to understand why I have failed in the past.” -Becky

“Hearing the concepts then immediately taking silent time to work through these was wonderful. Hearing other participants reflect their thoughts about themselves was also helpful.”-Donna Taylor, Davidson, NC

“I like the time apart that really allowed me to focus on what God was saying to me. I also enjoyed how dynamic Ann & Nicole are and how they presented the steps in such a practical manner.” -Rebecca Moore

“The curriculum as well as the opportunity to interact with other students receiving feedback and a mirror of what we expressed.” -Rhonda Fisher

“Exercise followed by time to work through it and then discuss it was great. The grace and space was quiet, away, beautiful and beautifully executed with practical suggestions—very meaningful!” -Deborah Harris

“I enjoyed the trainers’ approach and the group interaction after completing an exercise. I learned from the group. I also thoroughly enjoyed going to the old homestead. It reminded me of my grandparent’s old farm house in CT.” -Susan Gasque

“Good blend of group time, alone time, and small group time.”

Feedback/Testimonials Path Elements Profile Workshop Evaluation

“Interaction & Facilitation were my favorite components of the workshop. I like the questions towards individuals to help bring forth understanding of self. Great opportunity for brief conversations within the group.

“I saw myself more “clearly” after the workshop.”


“Very informative!”-Dean Howey

“Inspired thought!”-Daniel Woodard

“Professional development…loved it! Thanks!”

“Interaction was great!”

“Gaining a lot better understanding of my element & others’ elements.”

“Interaction and learning with peers was great!”

“Helped me understand myself and my peers,” -Heather Wilson

“Great job! Very helpful!”

“Nicole is so charismatic…it was great!” -Stacy Stallings

“I think the workshop was great and I can’t wait to share and recommend! The people I work with better understand me as a person and co-worker.” -Stetson Patton

“My team learning more about our elements was very helpful.”

“I enjoyed learning what makes me tick and what makes others tick as well.”

“Profiles were very accurate for the most part.”

“Great facilitator; very knowledgeable.”

“Fantastic stuff! Helps me grow as a leader by listening more! This taught me to analyze our entire organization and find talents to fill holes where opportunity exists.” -David Ozmore

“Dialogue was awesome! I loved that you shared your stories!”

“Great job…thank you so much!” -Lisa Yerrich

“I could not be more pleased with the information I received and the atmosphere in which it was received! I am grateful and blessed to have not only been a part of such amazing people, but the exposure to such power and passion!”

“Great motivator! Lots of energy! You go, girl!”

“Held audience with soft spoken words, pauses in speech, very solid and grounded as a spiritual leader.”

“Learning about the elements of others in addition to my own element was very helpful.” -Elise

“Great information! Love its applicability”. -Dee Neal

“Nicole did an excellent job of balancing the task of imparting her knowledge about PEP and keeping the interest level high and well-paced! The ENERGY that Nicole added, the interaction with others, practical use of materials and concepts were wonderful!” -Marla Emery

“Great! Great! Interaction was awesome!” -Tom McMahon

“Inspiring, awesome, enlightening, enjoyable, and useful! Applies to so many aspects of my life-personal relationships, business, family, life in general.” -Joelle Broughton

“Great! Learned a lot!”

“New ideas and thoughts always a plus!” -Randall Bozard

“Valuable information about self.”

“Relaxed atmosphere; good presentation skills.”

“Useful information to evaluate/improve me as well as way to read others.”

“Great growth experience.” -Pat Mead

“The interaction with other members was great!” -John Boyner

“Interaction and opportunity to learn about interacting with others was very beneficial.”

“Thank you for the chance to learn!” -Robert Haupt

“It was great!” -Deborah Rotella

“Nicole is a tremendous speaker and the information was great!” -Kimber Britner

“Great job! Nicole was born for this!” -Anglea Dubois

“Practical application” -Mark Britner, Sherrills Ford, NC

“Opened my eyes to what I want to work towards in my future.” -Debbie Marks

“The information, interaction, and high energy were awesome!” -Rhonda York

“The unity of all was wonderful. Sharing a common problem of communication was relieving.” -Kathy Albert

“Concepts and applications were user friendly!”

“Enjoyed the program; incredibly helpful and beneficial in learning about co-workers.”

“Learned information that I could apply to all aspects of my life.” -Marilyn Kayes

“Very interesting and motivational.”

“Fun, active way to learn new ideas.”

“I learned more about myself and other personalities—can use information both personally and professionally.”

“Excellent experience—will be back, will bring family and staff.” -Dr. Amy Denman

“No one and nothing is perfect, but this session is so close! The opportunity to interact with others who share the same drive to learn was wonderful.” -Deborah Dooley, PhD

“Everyone understood the elements and enjoyed learning more about each other.” -Heather

“The opportunity to learn more about myself as well as those around me was great. The elements are similar to the Feng Shui principles I use in my business. Its fascinating to relate the elements to personalities.”

She Speaks 2007-Proverbs 31 Evaluations/Testimonials

“A gift of weaving the Word together with humor—awesome! Good use of biblical support. You draw in your audience—great eye contact. Very funny! You have a great speaking gift—God is going to use you!”

“I loved your introduction about your friend Mary…speaking as if you were there. It is obvious that you know and love the Word. You are a warm and real teacher. I love your sense of humor!” -Wendy Pope

“Great job! Good message, creatively spoken!” -Sheri Parker

“Great job!”-Michelle

“Good storyteller! I love your description of surroundings.” -Mandy McLendon

“You told the story just like Jesus did. Excellent! Love your expressions! You seemed at ease, not nervous at all.” -Bonita Lillie

“Great! You alternated voice pitch and tone. I love how you told the story in a way we can understand. You are an excellent speaker and God “will complete that good work He has begun in you”…Phil 1:16.” -Natalie Purdy

“Terrific volume level(s)! Very warm, very creative! Always speak from your heart. Blessings as you serve our Lord!” -Jewelyan

“Great start and expressions. Effective word usage and visuals. Enthusiastic and genuine! Awesome talk—very effective speaker!” -Holly Good

“Great opening-Alarm bell like school/playground—thank you. Very strong knowledge of subject. Good words of encouragement. Excellent eye contact, look great. Your insight of the text is God inspired—a fresh new awareness of Mary’s behavior in anointing the feet of Jesus.” —Rhonda Collier

“Grabs interest; loved how you made the content like an interaction/conversation! Loved your delivery! Very engaging!”

“Great start! Made me want to listen! A+++++ Wonderful Job! Great visuals. You present yourself well. Continue to seek God in your ministry! You are a great communicator!” —Karen Ehman

“You drew me in! Great facial expressions!” —Diane

“Great intro! Great background information shared. Love the word of the day example!” —Amy Wyatt

“Good ending! WOW-wee!! Great enthusiasm. You looked so cute and professional!” —Kristy Buescher

“Loved the WoW-wee!! Tap into your humor…its great!—Erin

“Appropriate use of Scripture. Diverse vocal inflections—great! Good job. Encouraging.” —Amy Brook

“Loved the $4 example, very knowledgeable, good finish! Great eye contact and enthusiasm. I like you a lot! J May God bless your ministry. Wowee!”

“Great opener! Very detailed! Very articulate!”—Susan

“Good supporting material.”

“You were awesome!! Thank you so much – ready – to put the strategies into practice.” – Angel McBride, Insurance Agent, State Farm Insurance, Statesville, NCStateFarm


“You are amazing!!!! I so enjoyed your talk this afternoon. I love what you had to say and the motivation was awesome.
It was great meeting you and hope to meet again one day soon.” – Michelle Bryant, ProStaffing Account Manager At the SHRM Summer Seminar 2013

“Hi Nicole, I started a new job today. It is a perfect fit. I can’t thank you enough for the information I received from the career transition group. It was instrumental in finding this perfect job. The sad part is I won’t be able to attend any longer, because I will be at work. YEAH!!! We are at our best when we serve others!” -Caryn Lyng, Attendee of the Vibrant Career Transition Group

“I’m hearing a lot of positive feedback from your session. Thanks so much for a great and meaningful presentation.”StateFarm -Boyce K. Green, CLF®, Hickory Territory Sales Leader

“I can’t tell you enough how great you are in general but also how great you are in building the relationship with my partner!!!! You have already given such great insight and I see him taking baby tiny steps towards new thinking for him that I never thought was possible!! You are awesome!!!!!”

-One on One Coaching Client Shifting to an Entrepreneurial Endeavor with Her Partner/Husband

“You will never know what a blessing it is to spend time with you as we ‘listen’ and ‘let God’ map out His plan…step by step… He is using you powerfully, Nicole, and I am grateful.” -Deborah H. Ministry Leader

“AMAZING coaching time with Nicole Greer today. Check her out! She has been my dear friend and coach for a number of years. She has challenged me many times over. She truly helps you, “take what’s possible and make it probable.” Thank you, Nicole!!!” -Amy Demas, Demas Orthodontics

“I am listening to your radio show about managing your schedule. So many things you said hit home with me. I am going to add some of the suggestions – slowly and one at a time. I have been working to schedule time for focused work but your tip of scheduling a project in addition to the time is going to be an asset to me. Thanks for sharing these broadcasts! Hope you have a great day and keep up the good work!” -Michelle Wells NC Recreation and Parks Association, Executive Director

“Thank you Nicole. You did a great job in the presenting at the Seminar for Tomorrow’s Leaders. The information was valuable and I look forward to working with you in the future.” -Harrison Conyers, Principal, Warlick Academy

Responses from the District Attendees at their Annual Awards Meeting June 2013 International Association of Administrative Professionals North Carolina Division

Awesome speaker
Excellent speaker
Excellent topic
Loved her
Loved her; Nicole helped me out
Smart & funny
Very motivational
Kept attention – great
Loved her
Very entertaining
Very outstanding
Thorough & great take away
She is fantastic
Awesome speaker
The group & team exercises were wonderful
Excellent information
So good; so fun
Kept you awake
Well developed
Very good
Excellent presentation

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you supporting Jameson’s participation in SFTL. I know it will pay dividends in the days/weeks/months/years to come. He is interested in starting an Interact Club, so any info/suggestions you might have on how to go about that would be GREAT! He is serving as Treasurer on Student Council this year which I believe should give him a VOICE to promote Interact.” -Teri, Mother of Seminar for Tomorrow’s Leaders Student

“SFTL has definitely changed the way I view leadership, and the way I interact with others in just a few days. It has to be one of the best decisions I made to apply an attend!” -Kim, Seminar for Tomorrow’s Leaders Student July 2013

“You did a FANTASTIC job at the Safe Kids Conference! I had hoped to see you afterwards to let you know how much I enjoyed your session. I heard many other compliments on the session.” -Kim W. Wilson, Program Director, Anson County Partnership for Children

“Thanks for the energetic session at the LeadHERship conference! You were one of my favorite speakers!” -Kristi Roberson, Washington, NC Parks and Recreation

“It was another great meeting Nicole. I left with the resolve that the next step for me is to get a part-time job ASAP.” -“D.C.” Participant in the Vibrant Career Transition Group who was INFLUENCED to take a NEXT RIGHT STEP

“A big THANK YOU once again for being our workshop presenter for this year’s Staff Development Day. You were certainly a hit!
I wanted to share the results of our evaluations. I thought they were pretty darn good!” -Lisa Ragsdale, Human Resources Coordinator, Wingate University

“Work is going great. I have spoken at many events now. I spoke most recently to a group of 200 for a Chamber Event and was told it was one of the best presentations that they had ever had. I owe that all to you and can’t thank you enough for your help.” -Ron Gobble, Program Director Iredell Wound Care

“I really enjoyed your program! Thank you for a fabulous keynote and seminar this past weekend. I’ve heard nothing but great things!” -Heather Buckelew, Operations Administration Manager Hendrick Motorsports Performance Group

“Wanted to let you know that I confirm with GUSTO and GLEE that you will be our Rotary speaker on October 3. When I announced it at the board meeting on Thursday afternoon, there were yahoos! Kim Wilson heard you speak at a conference recently where you held kids and adults in the palm of your hand. Needless to say, our club feels very fortunate to have your friendship.” -Lois Crumpler, Past District Governor Rotary District 7680

“Thank you again for a Career Transition Group meeting today. I almost skipped because I’ve attended several interview workshops and didn’t think I would learn anything, but I’m so glad I came. Ericka was thorough, to the point, and quick on her feet during Q&A. Of course, your input was (and always is) helpful and spirit-filled.” -Marie Goocher

“Hello, Nicole– Just wanted to say thanks for a great session yesterday! You always make my brain pop, and I could feel greater commitment toward action afterwards. This morning I noticed that the “S” piece of “self-assessment” is helping to put the “H” in place, as I find myself sticking to several new habits that are really working and are freeing up much-needed energy.” -Leigh Anna

“Nicole, It was great to have you at the North Carolina Division Annual Meeting of IAAP to inspire us with your “vibrant coaching.” I will be sure to recommend you to the other Divisions in the Southeast District. These include NC, SC, VA, WV, KY, TN, GA, FL, MS, and AL. Thank you for “Being the One” who enlightened us with your Vibrant Coaching methods. You helped us to know ourselves and others better. I hope to get to see and hear you again soon.” -Angela H. Simmons, NC Division President of International Association of Administrative Professionals

“Hi Nicole, I heard that you gave an amazing presentation yesterday! Congratulations!!” -Candice Sturdivant, GCDF Assistant Director of Internships & Career Services Career Advisor for School of Sport Sciences Wingate University

“Thank you so very much for a wonderful coaching session yesterday. I walked away feeling energized ( my Water personality), bounding with inspiration and ideas ( my Wind side ), and ready to tackle anything now (my Fire spirit), and I’m sure you will smile when I say that I did stop long enough to think to myself ‘But I need a plan for this’ (my Earth side).

This session was definitely just in time. This group coaching reaffirms my need for continuing awareness. Thank you once again for helping us in the process of understanding how we can reach our potential by better knowing ourselves and how our strengths and challenges affect our team members.”

-Staff Member at Catawba Valley Community College

“Just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for speaking at our 3rd Annual LeadHERship Workshop! You were awesome and I am so happy that you were such a big part of making this a success! It was great to meet you and hope that you stay in touch!”

-Vonda Martin, North Carolina DENR Division of Parks and Recreation/NCSU-Recreation Resources Service

“Thanks so much for joining us at the Women’s LeadHERship Workshop in Cary last week. Your sessions were outstanding!!!”

-Linda Smith, CPRP, Business Development Manager, Town of Cary

“This afternoon you took more than an hour out of your schedule to speak with me and help me figure out myTilt. I wanted to let you know the information you provided and the suggestions you gave me will help me improve and grow both personally and professionally.

Thank you so much for your time and insight – I really appreciate it!” -Linda Smith, CPRP, Business Development Manager, Town of Cary

“Dear Nicole, Don and Ashley, Love working along side you. Below is a note we received. I felt so very rushed at the end that this was a needed shot in the arm for me 🙂 …. would we call that approval addiction? 🙂 THANK YOU and your team for a beautiful beginning together this week, and for something to really look forward to, our next times together! You have made an impact on THIS pilgrim’s journey…..thank you! Began the day today with Lectio Divina and journaling and intending to continue for the next 90 days, setting a holy habit. Thanks for the resources you have given and for answering God’s call. Blessings to you!” -Marianne Romanat, Lead Pastor, Light of Christ United Methodist Church

“Thanks for your coaching…you are in my head way more than you could EVER imagine!! I assure you!” -Elise Stanfield, Life Coach, 2theCore Coaching

“Dear Mrs. Greer,I wanted to share that it was a personal pleasure meeting you yesterday, as well as thank you for your informative, insightful, and inspirational presentation. It served as a wonderful reminder of my need to have my dream fueled by my desire, so that I may be on a straight course to fulfilling my destiny and dynasty… Your “gifts” were greatly appreciated!
Have a wonderful day and thank you again!” -Masoy Henry, Wingate University, Student Success Coach

“Thanks Nicole! You were awesome yesterday! So grateful for you!!” -Lead Success Coach at Wingate University and Head Coach at Blythe Taylor Coaching

“Nicole, you did a fabulous job today! I just wanted to drop you a quick line and express my appreciation for today’s seminar. It’s nice to step back from the hectic pace every now and again and do something for yourself. The information imparted was valuable and useful in terms of thinking about life’s big picture as well as striking a healthy balance between the many activities we become involved with.

As a former University Adjunct Lecturer and one who spent ten years of my career as a Training Director it was crystal clear that you are well versed in Adult Learning Theory. You engaged us, made great eye contact, used appropriate inflections with your voice, gestured to add value as you made salient points, and truly made it a fun day. Thank you!” -Steve D’Agostino, Catawba Valley Hospice and Pallative Care Volunteer

“Nicole, Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation at the hospice volunteers conference this past weekend. I am finding I have started thinking about people I interact with in terms of the four elements! Thank you for sharing your expertise and your double wind personality with us. Thank you for reminding me that I am still around the middle of my lifeline.” -Jack Sailstad, Director of Nursing The Serenity House

“Hey Nicole, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed yesterday’s class! I am already looking forward to next time.” -Jessie M. Colton, Billing and Collections Supervisor Town Of Mooresville

“I did want to share with you and Dallas how much I enjoyed yesterday’s coaching session. I fell asleep last night thinking about the people in my life and what elements they represent…and how to better approach/receive them.Thanks.” -John Ritchie, Environmental Compliance Supervisor Town of Mooresville

“Your presentation was awesome! Promise. It was the best one I’ve heard at any of the Hospice presentations. Thanks so much for it!” -Beverly Caldwell, Catawba Valley Hospice Volunteer

“I appreciate you!!! I know God Is planting seeds that he will make Grow at his appointed time. Thank you for being that vessel through whom God imparts his purpose and love and identity into my daughter’s heart! Thanks for everything!!” -Mother of a 17 Year Old Client

“You knocked it out of the park on Saturday! I am so glad we chose you for the event. You stayed longer than you had to and that meant a lot to the volunteers and to us. Thanks so much for sharing your time with us. You will be asked back a lot as we continue to grow. You’re the best.”

-Evelyn Fox Ross,Community Development Coordinator Catawba Regional Hospice Charlotte, North Carolina Area

“Nicole Greer you are such an inspiration. You have made a night/day impact on the sharpening of my gifts so they can change lives. You’ve taken a vision in my heart and made it reality.” -Charlotte Cole, Speaker & Author at and Vibrant Coaching Client

“I experienced Nicole’s tremendous energy, creativity and competence over the course of four, day-long retreats that she created for the 35 person staff of the Davidson United Methodist Church. Nicole has the skill to move a group of work colleagues from ¨”the boss wants us here, so I showed-up” to making the day a rejuvenating and enjoyable experience for individuals as well as a productive day for the organization. I recommend Nicole without reservation.” -Jeffrey Hassel

“Hope you are doing well. I went to one of your workshops and it was awesome!! You helped me so much and within a few months of the workshop I got out of my horrible job and into a great one.” -Angela Martin, Replenishment Analyst at Metrolina Greenhouses

“Nicole, I want to say thank you again for a great coaching class yesterday. I now see people in a different view and yes it will be to my advantage!!!!” -Jeremy Golf Pro, Mooresville Golf Course

“Just wanted to say THANKS for the information, enlightenment and FUN of yesterday. You are AMAZING, and you have opened our eyes to see each other from a different and healthier perspective. I know I’m primarily a water, and I know that although there are things about myself that I would like to change I see more clearly now that many of these qualities I formerly saw as weaknesses can actually be strengths and can serve a purpose in my relationships with others.

Your teaching provides practical ways of valuing one another on a day in, day out basis, and I hope it was as meaningful for the rest of the group as it was for me. One of my colleagues, who was probably the most uptight about the seminar beforehand said the he truly enjoyed it and learned a great deal from it. I think he realizes and can appreciate the positive aspects of his element now, rather than focusing only on the negative.

If you hadn’t decided to do this for a living (which you clearly WERE meant to do) you could’ve been an awesome stand-up comedienne!!!

Thanks again, and I pray blessings on your work with AWESOME results!” -Debbie Wyatt

“Thank you very much for your inspirational and thoughtful message. I was especially touched by your storytelling. Your children’s message was great too. Thank you for sharing your faith in the Lord with us.
God’s blessings to you.” -Pastor Malcom Lurch, St.Marks Lutheran Church

“Post coaching a client overcame an obstacle and sent me this… LOVING YOUUUUUU!!! 🙂 I’m finally DONE! I BELIEVE!!” –Elise Stanfield One-on-One Coaching Client

“Thanks for the coaching today. This has been the best received professional development we have had in years. I can honestly say you are the catalyst to turn our ship in the right direction.” –Shawn Fountain, IT Director for Catawba Valley Community College

“You are a blessing and have given me so much to help equip me in my life of “forever improving!” You are making a difference in people’s lives! Go girl!” –Kim, One-on-One Coaching Client

“Nicole, It’s my honor to thank you for all your gifts. Your boldness, encouragement, belief and confidence is the very essence the Career Transition needs and because of your commitment there is a solid core of members. Wednesday, I watch the eyes shine of the people that listen and follow you. John Quincy Adams our second president says this about leaders: If your actions inspire others to Believe more, Learn more, Do more and Become more, then you are a LEADER. You fit this description and I praise God for your life.” –Cindy Washam, Voice Over Artist & Career Transition Group Attendee

“Hi Nicole, Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful “Shine” event last Saturday. I always take away a lesson or two, that I am able to call upon in my career. Definitely feeling the “FIRE” side of me today!” -Louise Clemmons, CEO Blue Ridge Advertising, Inc

“Everyone enjoyed our time together last week. I feel that the coaching really allowed the team to connect and to get started off in the right direction. I want to thank Mrs. Nicole Greer for her time and excellent coaching.” -Marty A. Hallman|Manager TS and PB Operations | The Timken Company A Fortune 500 Company

“Thank you for spending the day with us last Wednesday! I truly enjoyed our coaching session last week. Now I feel like I can understand others better, or at least where they are coming from, and of course understand myself better. ” -Lindsey B. Huffman Controller, Carolina Trust Bank Lincolnton, NC

“Nicole, When you were at our office, I actually learned more about myself than what I knew. It was one of those moments where everything came together and I knew what I needed to do. With the challenges and strengths I received from the test and what you were saying, I noticed habits I want to change to better myself.”

-Jessalyn, Unique Transportation, Inc.

“Thank you so much for your positive contribution at our retreat. The weekend was a huge success and I am loving all the positive energy, gratitude and attitudes throughout our company. Thank you! Have a great day and we’ll talk soon.” -Kim Uyak Director of Operations

“Hi Nicole! It was a great weekend – and everyone had extremely positive comments about your session. One team member even asked, “Do you think Nicole could do some more coaching at my office?” -Jennifer Jones, Regional Director, Physician’s Plan One to One Weight Loss & Wellness

“Your wonderful attitude is infectious and I know there are lots and lots of people who want to be caught up in the wind of Nicole Greer. Thanks so much.” -Evelyn Fox Ross, Community Development Coordinator Palliative Care Center & Hospice of Catawba Valley

“Nicole, You are just brilliant! I have taken so much from your lesson without even reviewing my notes yet…
I love the analogy to putting on “these” shoes for each step you are taking toward your goal.
I’ve used the 3 B’s in conversation and that is so true!
I told my husband about it all, and even describing the circle diagram of what you are “given” and what you “choose” and then what your “core” makeup is. “What are you gonna do with that girl?” Ha! You are too funny, and that accent makes me feel right at home! I’m a southern girl too.
I would love to share more of my dream and goal with you one day. Thanks so much for your involvement. I hope to stay in touch.”

-Leah Gilliam | Client Service & Marketing Manager

“I loved meeting you! You were as awesome as Suzanne claimed and more.” -Erin Payton, Senior Librarian, Head of Instruction Library Services at Central Piedmont Community College

“I want to thank you for today. It was really good. I’m impressed with the process — much more than I thought I would be, and truly believe God has called you to do this. You are sharp but much than that — you are intuitive. I am still processing — wondering and wandering. ” -Carrie McGinty, Marketing Professional

“You are so good at what you have chosen to do. Thank you for helping me with my life! Thanks for your acute awareness!” -Elizabeth Root, Client

“What a wonderful day it was in every way…preparation, weather, the farm, and the people who shared it with me. Thank you for your right on insight and encouragement. I enjoyed our time. Now I need to make a plan!” -Kathy Bragg, Quiet Space Day at the Starrette Farm Coaching Client

“I am having more fun than I’ve ever had in my life. I did a tourism video for Asheville but have not seen it yet. I do lots of auditions and am learning so much. Now I’m taking acting lessons so I am better prepared for roles that require lines. 64 should not be this much fun!!

Thank you for your part in inspiring me. You ARE an inspiration and your enthusiasm is contagious. Tell all the old ladies that you run into that it’s never too late!!” -Linda Gromko, Sixty+ Year Old Client with a New Vocation in Modeling

“I want to congratulate you at this time of transition. I just wanted to thank you for all of your service over the past year. I think you did a tremendous job, carrying our club forward and positioning it well for future efforts. I know that you poured a lot of yourself into the task.” -Russ Black, Partner at Katten Rosenmann LLP, Top of the Lake Rotarian

“I just wanted to THANK YOU for first and foremost, taking such good care of our daughter Malia, and creating an amazing experience for her. When Malia is asked about the camp she responds “amazing” with a big smile on her face. Have a wonderful remainder of you summer and thank you again!” -Lana and Eric Suhren, Parents of Students at Seminar for Tomorrow’s Leaders Leadership Coaching Experience

“Nicole, A HUGE THANK YOU for all of the energy and effort you have put into assisting Tyson in securing his summer internship!!! It is much appreciated, and I know that this process and your support have contributed to huge amounts of personal growth for Tyson!” -Julie McGowan, Program Coordinator Golden Leaf Scholar Program Coordinator at the Center for Creative Leadership

“The NC State BPW Conference was awesome and powerful. I enjoy hearing you each and every time you share your knowledge and experience. You are truly blessed with a gift and so willingly to share it. Thank you for being with us; it was truly our pleasure.” -Rhonda Hunter, 2012 President of NC State Business and Professional Women

“Nicole: Here is the feedback we received on your session. It was very well received! Don said comments at dinner were positive too.”

  • “Practice in groups with verbalizing your dreams and using silence to your advantage. Overall, really enjoyed the workshop; many helpful tidbits.”
  • “The Workshop presenter went to significant pains to draw a correlation between consulting and bridging the communications gap.”
  • “Experiencing using the visualization cards.”
  • “Small group activities”
  • “Coaching concepts are critical to consultants as well as coaches.”
  • “She was very knowledgeable and shared her experiences.”

-Jennifer Leake, CMC Carolinas Chapter of Management Consultants

“Wow, fantastic job!! I really appreciate your willingness to come and the great job you did. Thanks so much.” -Carl Repsher, Rotarian Salisbury Rotary Club

“Thank you so much for last nights training event. I think the setup, location and presentation was great! It was good for my staff to be a little outside of their element and in a new environment for training and to hear from someone other than a YMCA staff person. The resources that you passed on to me are also very resourceful and will put us in a good place moving forward as we have extensive training this weekend. I’m excited about moving forward with this staff development component throughout the summer. Thank you again for using your gifts/strengths last night to motivate and inspire myself and my staff as they embark on a long summer!” -Ashley Morgan, Family Service Director Lowe’s YMCA

“Thanks so much for teaching that class today. I could have sat through 8 hours of that, it was really interesting and you have a very dynamic and engaging way of instructing and motivating. Loved it! I think everyone got more out of you catering to their questions than if you’d been rigidly stuck to the lesson plan. Having recently been through General Instructor school, I understand how it feels now to be up front and trying to stay on topic. But I think today really helped some of those guys with what seem like real challenges in their daily lives. I also enjoyed getting to know some of the folks I never interact with, it’s amazing how fast you can get a deep glimpse into their lives by doing that one exercise!” -Lauren Childers, Crime Prevention Officer Mooresville Police Department

“Nicole Greer has coached me personally and in a group. She is always well prepared and knows her material well. She is an excellent presenter bringing expertise and energy and she offers good resources. She is a motivator who holds clients accountable in the coaching relationship. I highly recommend her as a career/life coach.” -Carol Hassell

“Nicole was in charge of the development of training materials and training classes. She executed both responsibilities professionally and enthusiastically. Nicole demonstrated leadership with her colleagues and students proving to be an inspiration to all she came in contact with.” -Bill Hamilton, President, Summit Properties- Management Divison

“Have you ever said . . . Some Day? If so, you need to contact Nicole TODAY! She is a MUST for any business owner or individual looking for a vibrant push in the right direction. The hardest part of this recommendation is only being able to select three attributes. She is the best thing since sliced cheese. Her coaching and direction is the best money I spend on my business . . . And life!” -Melinda Smith, Owner at Balance and Harmony, Inc.