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SHINE™ System


Clarity is Power

A clear vision helps direct, align and inspire actions on the part of large numbers of people. Lack of vision, on the other hand, leads to lots of debate and confusion. This solution focuses on clarifying mission and vision, and developing habits that enhance self-leadership.

  • Determine hard-core wiring of the individuals on a team
  • Celebrate gifts, background, and talents of team members and their impact on organizational performance
  • Create clearly articulated mission statements
  • Identify judgement and false thinking
  • Articulate the future by casting a vision in a boldly written format
  • Embrace creative fusion to break out of the comfort zone
  • Target the market
  • Gain 8 proven insights to take action

In order to live a VIBRANT LIFE an individual is responsible for releasing their natural energies.  Each of us has an ordained work to do in this life time.  We must harness our intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and physical energy to serve others, our organization, and the world.  Using the acronym SHINE. You will have a master plan for setting goals, tactics, and formulating next right steps that serve your ordained work.

S- Self Assessment: Take stock of your personality, character traits, strengths, challenges, mental models and beliefs.

H- Habits: Acknowledge the strategies, systems, and smarts you have in place that support and provide a foundation for your ordained work.  Which ones serve your “highest work”?  Which ones derail your best efforts?  How you will move into a state of integrity?

I- Integrity: Integrity is about being whole meaning you are complete, full, and integrated.  You understand who you are at the core. You understand your responsibilities. You have habits that serve your “highest work”.  You can communicate what you want, how you will serve, and you have a written down account of your future which dictates your next right steps.

N- Next Right Steps:  Next Right Steps are decisions confirmed through the process of using a capacity analysis.  Next Right Steps include: who is involved, an energy measurement, a time frame, a cost analysis, and an accountability piece.

E- Energy: You release your energy into the world with a deep knowing of how your intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and mental energy “shows up”. You see where you can illuminate areas that are dark with your personal light.  Your passion is serving others, your organization, and the world.  You are renown for the vibrancy you bring to a cause, concern, or chaos.  You move from diffused and confused to a laser quality focus.