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Collaborative Coaching


Everyone On The Same Page

Your organization was created out of a deep need.

You have a solution you must get it into the hands of the right people.


Whether you are an entrepreneur, a leader inside a corporate environment, a stake-holder in a non-profit, a ministry professional or the creator of a team on a defined mission with a vision, Vibrant Collaborative Coaching provides the conduit to release all that you want to achieve.

Invite Vibrant Coaching into the culture of your organization to facilitate movement…

Significant Movement.

Our aim is provide a placeholder in your frenetic schedule to energize, impact and influence the individual players to engage the possibilities.

Vibrant Collaborative Coaching creates a space to:

  • Energize the Team
  • Create Dialogue
  • Get Every Brain in the Game
  • Release Creativity
  • Establish Trust, Candor, Transparency, and Credit
  • Open Up Silos within Organizations Safely
  • Inspire Risk Taking and Learning
  • Upgrade the Team through Evaluation and Confidence Building
  • Take the Pulse on Projects, People, and Purpose
  • Examine the Culture
  • Define Values
  • Express Feelings
  • Give Direction
  • Ignite Passion

Successful leaders know that in today’s global fast paced environment change is inevitable.

A consistent Vibrant Collaborative Coaching session with your organization with a powerful emphasis on mission and vision frees initiative. Addressing the concerns of your team, listening people into action, and making real believers in the future is paramount. Vibrant Coaching uses STRATEGIES, instills SYSTEMS, and invites the genius in your organization a.k.a. “SMARTS” to appear through dynamic coaching technique including:

  • Visualization
  • The Art of Dialogue
  • Set Apart “holy” Listening
  • Word Association
  • Vision Boards
  • Personality Assessments
  • Communication Assessments
  • Team Diagnostics
  • Most Valuable Player Assessment
  • Leadership Modeling
  • Mind Mapping
  • Feed Forward
  • Filling the Bucket

Vibrant Collaborative Coaching sessions are scheduled with the team at the optimum time.

Vibrant Coaching understands you must be available to your “client” so we make ourselves available when you are not serving those who need you. Collaborative Coaching sessions are at least one hour long but can be extended into an entire 5 day retreat. You can choose from or switch up your sessions by engaging in person, by webinar or teleconference.


To receive a free client profile which jump starts your thought process to engage around the possibilities, simply Contact Vibrant Coaching at 1-877-633-2239 or email at

Collaborative Coaching